"Catty" Christmas Gifts

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Originally Posted by Notwendy View Post
About the only time I've witnessed a cat actually using a pet bed is when they were stealing it from a dog. : ) They really seem to prefer boxes to just about any other type of bed.
So true! And the same goes for vice versa. There's always the bed wars going on at my house. Sometimes the cat wins, but most of the time he's either out-sized, or out-numbered.

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Luna would like a teepee, Mick would like a quilt. If I make him a quilt for his basket, will he use it? He's a shedder, so I bought a shallow basket and put it on the sectional. He lays beside it! Today when I was trying to get a picture of a quilt, he was way too interested in it.
He does love a kickstick. I want to make him a larger one. The Jackson Galaxy one isn't large and Mick is getting to be a big boy.
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