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Default Clapper

Has or does anyone here use a Clapper? I would love to know what your experience is with it and is it worth it to purchase one?
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I've used one since high school home ec class. It works.
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We have just had a discussion on the clapper. Maybe use the search function? I use one
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Yes, I use one when I have lots of points coming together in the center of a block. It works really well to hold the heat in and press it down. I also sew garments, so I had one on hand. There are some good deals on amazon though. A set of different sizes and shapes for a nominal amount of money. Buy the ones with the heavy wood like oak or something. They have a smoother surface.
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Here's a lengthy tread on one that might help you decide. I don't have one but I wish I did.
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I recently got one and am trying to remember to use it! Seems most like it as it really flattens out that seam!
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Amazon has any size you might want..
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I use a small hammer, and cover the bulky area with a scrap of batting. One or two taps with the hammer and it's flattened... I actually found a package of two small hammers at Princess Auto (like Harbour Freight) and they were very reasonable - guess what my friend is getting added to her Christmas package lol!
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Default Omg

Since This is on the chitchat section I read the introduction titled clapper and thought it was going to be about the clap on clap off gadget that people were supposed to be able to use to turn on and off various things such as their Christmas tree lights. I was reminded of the time I got one and tried to use it. No matter how much or fast I clapped, nothing happened.Our kids thought it was hysterical and my husband just thought I was kind of stupid. So I was about to give up when the doorbell rang and so the dog started barking. Yup the barking caused the lights to go off. Then when he barked again on the lights came! After that we just got the dog to bark whenever we wanted to turn the lights on or off. Merry Christmas everybody!
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You can made one out of a hard wood and sand it smooth.
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