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Do any of you have a problem with you dogs climbing on cupboards and tables and getting into things? Well my puppies (almost 2 yr old) like to climb on things. of course, I couldn't snap a picture of them on the cupboard. They hear the camera and have to run to me to see what it is.

Had to move the trunk because they kept getting on the window

favorite lounging area
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Little dogs just do that, however we got a new sofa and hubby said no more dogs on the couch, so I trained them to stay off, but Sweet Tater can sit on my lap, not touching the sofa, hubby will glance over and she will pull that little wandering foot back on my lap.
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Aw, your dog is cute! Yep, my bulldog, who doesnt look the BIT graceful, is a climber and leaps on to stuff. PLUS, the good news is she is a chewer too. So she climbs stuff and gets the stuff you THINK is safe. Good thing I love her, lol!
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No I don't have dogs :wink: LOL But yours are cute :lol:
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Your dog is just being curious and wants to see outside. Maybe you could put some boxes or containers next to the wall so the dog can climb it and have spot to lie down and watch the world go by. I have a cat and every window is an open invitation to be a busy body and watch the neighborhood. She can't get to every window, but her kitty condo is right in front of an upstairs window so she can see the birds land of the roof and watch for cats coming into HER yard without HER permission. It's really funny, she gets so upset when other cats show up. That's why she is an only child, won't tolerate another one in the house.
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Try the water spray bottle and be consistent. They are smart and will learn what is and what is not acceptable. Cute pup btw.
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I know what you mean. I got DGD a mini dachshund and that little guy can climb better than the cats. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it. Now nothing is safe. (not even the cats) :-D :-D :-D
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Mine only climb when there is firecrackers or thunderstorms, then she wants to climb to the highest place she can get.
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I will have to try the spray bottle, thanks :thumbup:
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good luck in training your dog
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