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I make most of my clothes because I'm skinny and 5'2". It's hard to find clothing size 2 or 0 that don't look like I'm wearing my granddaughters clothing. I'm pretty much straight up and down, no shape at all. I'm over 70 and want to look like a respectable lady not a teenager.
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I don't make jeans or pants, but I love making shirts and tops. I was blessed with broad shoulders and long arms so generally nothing off the rack fits well. I love being able to make something in a fabric I pick out and make it truly unique.
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I, too, used to make all my own clothes. I loved making applique jumpers for my little daughters. Then, the patterns and fabric ended up costing more than purchased clothes. I also went through a fabric painting stage, on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Anyone else?
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Back in high school (1960’s) I had 2 fabulous Home Ec teachers & made my prom dresses, skirts & blouses. We learned to match plaids and sew lined jackets even adding shoulder pads. My parents bought me a Singer 328 and I sewed miles on it for over 50 years. I’ve made many corduroy & wool jackets, dresses & skirts that I wore to work.

I don’t sew garments anymore but I alter my clothes to suit me. I have a new knit shirt that is getting new buttons to replace the cheap looking ones. I think it makes a world of difference.

In the fabric store I ran into a lady who sings up front in our church Praise Band. She told me she sews most of her own clothes to relax after work, so I admit I study her clothes now. Haha.
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MANY years ago, I did. Then life (working full time, children & their activities) happened, and there just wasn't time.

I took a couple of classes at a LQS last year to relearn how to work with knits as working with them is so different than the wovens I am used to. So now I can sew simple garments, but would probably have to do several for them to not end up looking homemade.

I've been thinking lately about trying to alter some bathing suits. Incredibly, I have lost some weight and my suits, which were on the expensive side, are now too big. I like the style (tankinis) and fabric better than any that are currently available, and they are in great shape. It's intimidating, though, so have not yet attempted.
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I have a short trunk, always hiking my jeans up lol. Or shirts that fit my shoulders but balloon out 2 sizes too much, and I have a small belly.
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I used to, before I discovered thrift stores! My first few quilts were made with a lot of clothing scraps.
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No, I don't like making clothes at all. When my 3 boys were little I liked making them pajamas, shorts etc. I appliqued cute things on them because boy patterns were boring.
I tried making a couple of things for my granddaughter but they didn't come out right so I'm not going to anytime soon!
Besides my lack of skill I find buying clothes much cheaper for her.
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Boy, I used to. Left my home with clothes on my back. Ended up making many of my own clothes. mainly laid some item of clothing onto fabric and cut around. worked well. Then later on I made my son clothing until he graduated to pants with zippers. I wanted a little girl to sew for but that never happened.
The last item i made myself was in the late 80's. So that's been awhile. enjoyed it a lot though!
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I used to make everything. Then I got into quilting. Finally, I had granddaughters, and I made some darling clothes for them. The disappointing thing was I never got to see the ensembles on my girls. Eventually, I figured it all out and stopped wasting my time and fabric on things that were never worn or enjoyed. Not a happy memory for me!
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