Craft fairs?

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Do you find people are going to them less and less? I am making American girl doll sweaters and hats to sell at a fair this fall and nope it will be well attended...I hate to keep making them if they are not going to sell...
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Variety is the best thing that I can tell you. If you have all of one item, they can see as they walk by. Give them many different things so they have to come into the booth to see what you have. And don't put everything in one area. You want them to see everything so put some of the same things on different tables. Color is also important. Bright solid colors draw the eye. Money is tight, make sure that you have your items priced. If I go into a booth that is not priced I make a comment and then walk away, empty handed. It makes me feel like they are charging me whatever they think I can afford to pay. It insults me. Make sure that you have things at eye level too. In a small booth it's hard to see things on a table when you get a couple of people in the booth. Look for items that can be hung. Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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The attendance was dropping at the craft shows around here back in 2002. When I first started in 1996, the shows were packed and long waiting lists just to get a booth space. It was said to see them go down hill. I went to one in 2004 but things hadn't improved any. The economy here is way down. The retail part of Cracker Barrel food chain is also reflecting the downed economy as well as their eating side. People just do not have that much extra money to spend on crafts here. I hope you are in a better area. What clynns told you is excellent advice. Add a few decorations to your booth. Make sure your area is well lit. By all means cover the tables. It will help to make your booth more professional looking and give you a place to hide your things under and out of the way. Good luck.
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We participated in three craft fairs during the Christmas season last year. The first was the best, even though it was smaller and the booth rental was considerably less. The other two had lots of vendors, and lots of "lookers" but no one sold much. The girls across the aisle from our booth didn't even sell enough to cover their booth rental fee. The larger two have been yearly events for many years, and usually are big sellers. I think it is the economy.
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We have an annual Santa's Art Shop the first weekend of December. It was doing fine until the early 2000's, then it really took a nose dive. But then the whole town was upside down in the 90's. It has picked up in the last couple years. At first it was only home-made crafts, but has grown to include everything sellable. It covers three large buildings out at our fair grounds. And food vendors between the buildings.
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It seems to be getting more and more popular as far as I can tell here in Honolulu but many seem to be making the same items. So you end up doing a quick round of the whole fair and then going back to find the cheapest deal or the prettiest ones.
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well thanks everyone...i think i will just try a small local fair this many seem to buy the american girl doll things at the church fairs and they are sewn not knit so maybe I"d do ok...worth a try but I do know the fairs are less attended than they used to be...
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hi Clynss,
I agree with you .... I hardly every buy f they do not price things... and one item in not a good thing....
and I willonly do juried shows.... no stuff from China or garage sale stuff.
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I will be doing a craft fair the 4th of July, this is the firt year for it, it isn't long 1 -4 or something like that. Not expecting much, so anything will be a nice surprise. Of course I would like to cover my fee.
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Yes pricing items and displaying well is important..i won't even bother looking if things are not priced..
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