Daylight savings time

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Unhappy Daylight savings time

I have always hated DST. Old people, babies, and pets get SO confused. And changing all those clocks? What a waste of time. This is the last year for this nonsense right?
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It may be a nuisance in the southern US, but it is a real gift for those of us who live farther north. On Standard Time, we go to work and come home in the dark half the year. DST really helps us get a little more light into our lives. I love it and would enjoy having it all year long.
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I wish they would leave it on Standard Time all the time. However, I think there is a bill in Congress that is looking to keep Daylight Savings Time to be permanent all the time. We'll see if it passes. I could/can never get used to Daylight Savings Time. My internal body clock likes the orginial time!!

My thoughts, even though I would want Standard Time to be all the time, is just pick one time to be permanent. Then we can STOP changing the clocks, and let our internal clocks can get used to whatever time is picked to be permanent, to being normal time!!!

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Supposedly last year was to be the last year but that didn't happen.. I started changing my clocks when I got up yesterday as I moved from each floor. I have a couple clocks that change themselves so that's a blessing. Never bothered to change the clocks out in the garages so they're on time now. Hopefully the govt. will get it together and make this the last year. I'm in the midwest and it's still dark for the kids going to school so it didn't help them much in my opinion.
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From the other side, I love it!

One clock in the kitchen is done. The others change automatically. Longer days of daylight and more time to enjoy our boat adventures. I detest dark at 5:00 days.
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I'm with the second part of Quiltsfor's post. Just pick a time and leave it there!! But I would prefer staying on DST all year round. When the kids were in school, I would worry about them walking home after game practice (no second bus) in the dark at 5 p.m. And in the mornings, their bus was so early that it was still dark even after the time changed.

I grew up in Saskatchewan and that province stopped changing time back in 1966. It did not cause the cows to stop producing milk, or children to dose off in class (any more that usual that is). I believe the original reason for the change in time was to save electricity, which makes no sense at all to me. If it is dark earlier in winter, more people will be turning on lights etc. in the evening, than would not be using lights in the morning because it is brighter.
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I do not like the changing of the clocks. Here on the farm, my husband would start doing chores earlier/later at least one week prior to the change. The cows knew what time food was given so he did it slowly. I go slowly for my 2 dogs each time and for myself to get used to the meal time change.

WHO is saving electricity, it all started when oil lamps were used. The world is lite up like Christmas trees 24 hours a day.
I agree about finding just one version and keep it.
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I don't really care which time they keep, I just wish they'd keep one. I hate having to adjust to the "new" time. I find that as I get older, it takes me longer and longer to get adjusted.
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I prefer Daylight Savings time as I'm one of those folks who gets sleepy within a couple hours of it getting dark. That means that in the summer I can stay up till 10 or 11, but in the winter when we're on EST I'm nodding off at 7:30 or 8.

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I'd like to keep DST year round -- no clocks to change, and my inner clock changes by itself. Now I can get up at 7ish instead of 6ish which is just too early for me.
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