Do I really need Facebook?

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I think that same sarcastic lady lives in our vehicle when she's not stalking others! I cannot figure out how in a clear blue sky without a single cloud it says "lost satellite signal" - how??? Did the military move it? My husband and family said I needed to go to this new iPhone I swear the first month I was going to slam it into a wall I was so angry at it. I'm like my mom I just want a phone for an emergency I don't want the entire world to text me, send me emails or anything else. Thanks for making me laugh though I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Next thing will be to microchip us so they can find us anywhere, anytime.
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Originally Posted by lizzy View Post
Amen! My husband insists on keeping up with every new electronic item. I had almost learned how to use my cell phone correctly when he bought me a new one and instructed me to read the instructions.Ugh!! My old one was doing just fine except I would forget to turn the thing off and run out of battery power. The new one is supposed to stay charged for 23 days. Yea, I guess.
I don't know how to turn off my cell phone so it is always on. I just keep it charged when it shows that it needs it. How silly is that!
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Oh, Oh I love it. I thought I was going to do CPR on DH. He looked like he was doing a Fred Sanford impression and could not get a hold of his breath. He is doing okay, but still laughing.
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I just love it ....
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I hate to admit it, but the good ole' days seem sweet to me! It's the thing about "time", all these gizmos only take more time, and they are very annoying a good deal of the time. It's time to go "treadle-for-awhile."
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well said! I am resisting an iphone, do I really want to join the crowd in the office showing off thousand of photos on their iphone, playing that annoying word game that plops and gurgle and going on the net (they do have a computer in front of their nose!) I laughed aloud, very funny piece!
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Now this post is funny!!! "I am bi-sacksual." I love this entire post and couldn't agree more. Thanks for the laugh!
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Too funny! I got a new phone for Christmas. I very slowly and carefully typed out Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas in Spanish) to text to a friend. The phone changed it to Felix Baghdad. I nearly cried- it took me so long to get it typed in. I need a mobile phone with a rotary dial.
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Originally Posted by lonestardreams View Post
Too funny! I got a new phone for Christmas. I very slowly and carefully typed out Feliz Navidad (Merry Christmas in Spanish) to text to a friend. The phone changed it to Felix Baghdad. I nearly cried- it took me so long to get it typed in. I need a mobile phone with a rotary dial.
I agree this was too funny! A 23-year old at work asked today what a rotary dial was. I started laughing and told if she didn't know that one, she definitely wouldn't know what a party-line was back in the early 60's. Did I feel old!!! LOL

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I refuse to do Twitter but I am on Facebook but I only have a few friends and family. I decline most of the friend requests I get as I don't want the whole world to find me.

I do love my iPhone. I have a slew of quilting & knitting apps and love getting my Joann's coupons on my phone because I am always forgetting my mailer at home.

My friend has a GPS that we use on out of state quilt shop trips, I named her Doris (from the movie True Lies) and I swear she has an attitude. We laugh when we take a side trip not listed and she starts on her "recalculating" and "make a U-turn - now!" I swear her voice gets more strident and frustrated each time.

My kids do say I'm "tecnologically challenged" but this is as far as I want to go.
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