Failure OR Success

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Default Failure OR Success

My signature often reflects a quote about failure - I change it from time to time. I've failed many times. In my school years I was the youngest in my class and I failed all the time. I sat in during recess, sat by the teacher, had to take remedial classes during the summer time. It wasn't until I graduated in the top half of the high school class that I realized there were other failures out there. Here I thought it was just me. I struggled with sewing - my mom would not let me quit. She stubbornly made me keep at it - bless her for making me stick with a LOT of frustration. Anyway here are some pictures of failures... they didn't get that far with out getting back up and trying again...
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Some of my biggest failures have turned into forever successes ....
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I feel sorry for the students of today where all their efforts are praised. If you don't learn how to handle failure early in life, you are going to have a struggle in the "real" world.
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I have always told my kids as long as they have done their best that is all that matters. Everyone reaches their own level of best at least once.
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I tell my kids that as long as they do their best, that is the best they can point worrying about it any more. If they didn't practice or prepare well enough, then they learned what to do for next time, and learning is good.

It's easy for me to accept that now, but I can recall being young and not finding philosophy so helpful...
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don't forget to look at the pictures - you have to scroll down
Yes - you are right the success based education may be a failure but the feelings of failure aren't good either. I think there has to be a middle where you work with the failure and turn it around. No shame in failing - just in not trying or not attempting to try it again.
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Success is not final. Failure is not fatal.
It is the courage to continue that counts. Winston Churchill

Love your signature line!
Agree with the sentiments expressed by you and the others here too - too often people don't let kids understand that frustration is a normal part of life and you'd best learn to handle it.
A young couple I know "practised" walking with their young child every day because the child didn't like to fall and would cry with frustration. When I said I didn't think any kid I ever knew had to have their parents' "practise" with them, I got nasty looks. Should have used my inside voice I guess!
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The only true failure is letting failure stop you. True success is to keep getting up and moving forward

As a software engineer, we have a saying for our coding "Garbage in = garbage out" Or in other words.... "You get out what you put in" Plant success, happiness, growth and fun.....and life will be good! Failure is part of life, but it doesnt have to be all of your life.

HUGS! (sorry for all the platitudes, am still short O2 so a little light headed, but still happy!)
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The good thing is that you've SUCCESSFULLY learned to overcome them.
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I also think part of being successful is learning where your abilities lie. I'm glad my parents let me sew, not decide I should keep struggling to be an athlete! Beating your head against the wall in repeated failures may be brave and show tenacity, but it could also be telling you that you are barking up the wrong tree, and should try something else!
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