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The group here had a post of cutting fold over elastic in half and it didnít fray. There have been so many patterns posted lately- all very similar. Some use bias ties and Some use straight grain. My guess is the ones donated to hospitals arenít going to be
considered long lasting anyway - they arenít going to survive so Many launderings. Iíve made them several ways for family members and they all seem to work. Read an article today that said high quality quilting cotton in two layers is good for the non medical population. And yes nothing is as good as a fresh N95
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You can cut 1/2" elastic up the middle to make 2-1/4" pieces.

Surgical masks were most effective, but all of the materials offered some protection even against very small bacteriophages that are even smaller than coronavirus.
8 Surgical masks were 89% effective against 0.02-micron bacteriophage particles, while other materials were rated as follows:
Vacuum cleaner bag — 86%
Dish towel — 73%
Cotton blend T-shirt — 70%
Antimicrobial pillowcase — 68%
Linen — 62%
Pillowcase — 57%
Silk — 54%
100% cotton T-shirt — 51%
Scarf — 49%

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I saw on TV they prefer the soft string straps as the elastic is chaffing their ears.
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they rate mask material
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Originally Posted by juliasb View Post
My sister is using FOE for mask she is now making she is using a button on one side that the opposite side can slide over the button at the back of the head. The FOE is attached at each end of the mask as if going behind the ears. Because it is to wide to be really comfortable behind the ears making it this way works a bit better. She is cutting each piece of FOE 8".
Do you think you could show us a picture of this? TIA.
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Hereís what I did with the fold over elastic .

I made the masks that have the seam down the center and used the full width of the elastic for the back of the head. I have a large head and so the top elastic measures 11 in un-stretched and the bottom 9 in un-stretched. It fits snugly but not too tight nor too loose, and slips nicely over the head with the top band going up over the ears, and the bottom sitting at the below the head and at back of the neck.
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Looks great tallchick. I'm making the same pattern, but using knit fabric cut on the length wise grain for ties. I have some 1" very firm black elastic that I might try cutting in half and using like you've used the fold over. Thanks for the length information.
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Re: masks
I have been sewing the twist tie wire in the lining seam allowance zigzaging over the twist tie making sure the width is wider than the twist tie and being careful not to hit the wire with my needle. It's working well for me.
Also before sewing the front and lining together I fold up the sides 1/4" and press. Unfold the fold when sewing the upper and lower seams. When it comes time to fold in the ends it works so much quicker.
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