God Bless the USA!

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I have lived in Germany for the last 3-4 years. I've been all over Europe and I've seen some of the most beautiful stuff but I miss home. Everything I thought was wrong with America is what I crave the most. There are no fast food restuarants on every corner, Super Walmart every fifth traffic light, and eveything in Europe closes at 8:00p.m. sharp so no midnight shopping for me when insomnia hits. The fabric shops and selections are NOTHING compared to what I see online or in pictures of LQSs in the U.S. Whether I am I am in Afghanistan or Germany I an resigned to the fact that I have to do most of my shopping online or go without. I have nothing against any other country but I miss mine horribly and can't wait to get home for good. The world is beautiful but at the end of the day I am so very proud to be an American. God Bless our country! I can't wait to get back!!!!
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I have never lived in a foreign country and have no desire to do so. I have only been across the border to Tiquana (sp) Mexico, Montreal, CD, Toronto, CD, and Niagara Falls, CD.

I was born in America and proud of it. All countries including ours has its problems, but to me, USA is the best!

I noticed from your introduction that you are serving in the military, hope you make your way back soon! Be safe and sound and thank you for protecting our wonderful country!
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Thank you! Oprah said it best. She said that she has been all over the world but there is not place like America. I hope there are no cameras when I land because I might just kiss the ground on my next trip. lol.
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Hi from Ohio! Be safe!
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I spent a year in a foreign land, California, in 1984. :-) As they say, there's no place like home!
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I think most people would agree about America being the best for our citizens but people who are from foreign countries love theirs the best too.
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I love it here. We do have too much crime sometimes but doesn't most of the world.
Funny story.... my close friend is married to a Canadian man. They live in the US now for his job. We all went to lunch one day and all he did was complain about our government and everything he could think of. ugh. And of course talking about how great Canada is, and it is so much better there.....So finally I lost it and told him then he should go back!! And that I love the freedom we have here compared to most countries and that I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. And if he was so unhappy then we didn't want him here anyway... hehe. He shut up after that. I let him ramble for a half an hour before I shut him down. Why complain, you are here in the US obviously because you got a super high paying job so shut up. And they have lived her for almost 10 years. :-) don't mess with me and my US :-)

Oh, and be safe....come home ok.
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No fast food restaurants on every corner???

That's why I'm not anxious to travel all over the world, afraid I'd starve to death :-D
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Come back soon and safe! And thank you for your service to our Great Nation!
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Yes, there are a few places I would LOVE to visit someday, but I am SO Thankful to be an American.
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