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Thread: grades

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommaB View Post
    When they pay me, I'll work with whoever they want!! When I'm the one paying for a class..I want my money to go for representation of MY work. Yes people need to learn teamwork. But they don't need to be graded on it.
    AMEN!!! Teamwork if fine BUT in school, the ones who NEED the lesson seldom learn it. What they "learn" is that it's "okay" to take credit, for work they didn't do.

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    Awe, I'm sorry that happened to you! Like they say, life's a B, then you die!
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    As a retired teacher, I resent your assertion that group work is for lazy teachers. Teachers are constantly harangued by administrators and members of the business community about the need for students to learn to work with groups because that's "the way it's done in business." For awhile, group work was called "cooperative learning" and the instruction to teachers from those on high and in ivory towers was to pick one student who was very capable, one who was less capable, one who was even less capable and one who was almost hopeless academically. Now, guess who got to do all the work, not because the teacher was lazy, but because the ivory tower college professor who thought this bull up sold it to some school adminstrator who went to a week long workshop, played golf until the last afternoon, heard the last presentation and came back and had to prove he had been to the meeting. Lots of stuff like group work is imposed from on high and teachers' evaluations depend on whether they will conform.
    Administrators who came to my classes frequently complained, "But your classes are so teacher oriented," to which I replied, "Darn straight! I'm the one with the Master's degree and I know what needs to be taught." Because I had tenure, I could do that. Before you jump on teachers in general, be sure you know what you are talking about. I can assure you that many, if not most teachers, hate group work for the reasons you mentioned. froggyintexas

    Quote Originally Posted by bibliostone View Post
    I agree! Group projects are for lazy teachers. Fewer projects to grade and they know each group will probably have someone who does most of the work so they will get a good grade. That way they don't have to grade the poor students. One class my daughter had, I insisted that the teacher only grade her and give the other 2 students a different project because my daughter did all the work and provided all the supplies. The teacher didn't like it, nor did the other students, but she finally agreed to it.

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    Group projects bring up the can't do person and brings down the can do person. So the final result is just acceptable. Sad that good employees have to be burdened with the crappy ones who get the same credit. This was the major complaint of employees when I worked. But we have to give everyone a trophy right?
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    I understand..

    Okay, the lazy teacher comment offended me, too, but...

    I really wanted to share wth you that I know what perfectionists we all can be, especially when we are getting a grade, so I do understand how much the 100 would have meant. I am still getting teased about a class I took a few years ago, doing much of the work online while my family and I were on vacation. I so wanted a 100 and only made a 97. My husband and kids would not let me forget this. We are hardest on ourselves!

    Congratulations on a job well done.
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    Sheri (zkosh)
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