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Thread: Hand Made Gifts

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    There have been a lot of discussions about whether or not to give a quilt to someone that probably won't appreciate it.

    I have received gifts that I know the giver put a lot of time into making them - such as a cross-stitched tissue box cover - that I really don't care for.

    I feel awful getting rid of it - and I don't want to use it.

    What to do???

    Usually there isn't that much cost involved in a smaller item, but still I know there was time involved.

    Sometimes I would really appreciate a nice personal note a lot more than some "thing" that I don't like and can't/won't use.

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    I would never go to the effort to make a gift for someone I didn't know really well. I've made big cross stitch pictures for family members, but only ones where I know the taste and color scheme, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearisgray
    I feel awful getting rid of it - and I don't want to use it.
    Is the giver of the gift a regular visitor to your house and will she expect to see the gift prominently displayed?

    A gift should be given with the intent of giving joy. If you don't enjoy the item then the intent was not met. Gift it to someone who will appreciate it.

    Stick it in the closet with all the other stuff you are someday going to use.

    Toss it and if the question comes up make up a story of a terrible fate that befell the poor thing. (White lie but lie nonetheless. Don't know how you feel about them.)

    Set it out in an area where something WILL happen to it and then you have a legitimate reason for getting rid of it.

    Set it out in a back bedroom for a while where nobody will really see it.

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    ROFL!!!! :mrgreen: My SIL gave me the UGLIEST covered photo album you have EVER seen! She didn't make it -- she hired a woman to make it for her! It was made of a purple taffeta (I do NOT like purple for decor in my home), the lace were two different shades (on one row!) . I remember the "frame" for the photo had the corners cut too far and the cardboard showed.

    Seriously, it was the ugliest thing I have ever seen! It was in the attic until I moved...then it mysteriously disappeared! Thank goodness she lives out of town! I kept telling the children I was leaving it in th will for them - maybe that's why they don't talk much to me!!!! :mrgreen:

    I really don't know what to do about the white elephant one receives.....other than praying! :?

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    If you don't have a spare bedroom to use it in, then store it high up in the linen closet or in the attic. If the giver asks about it, say you tried it and find a box cover cumbersome to use. (This really only works if you don't use other tissue box covers.) And then hug her and assure her that you still cherish the thought. Don't even say you cherish her efforts, because you don't want to be rewarded with more of them.

    If she asks or says you didn't like it, be frank. You don't like cross stitch or whatever the reason is. If she gets offended, hey, it was a tissue box cover, nothing major.

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    I appreciate any gift that someone makes for me.
    It takes effort and is an expense for people . They put their heart into it. You might not like the item that took so much time to make, but they do and thought of you as they where making it. Don't take away the joy of the giver, use it or display it . what would it hurt.

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    I guess the answer to this, would be as diverse as the personalities here.
    Me, personally, I really don't like hurting anyone's feelings, so I know that I would keep it, no matter where I put it. I actually would appreciate the thought behind it, if they made it themselves, not saying you should, saying, I would.
    If asked point blank, though, I'd have to find a way to tell the truth, but let them down easily.
    I think we all, handle things according to our own inner code. That is what tells you, what is right for you, my 2 cents here. :D

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