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Default Head lamp!

Well, a light that goes on your forehead with an elastic band around your head. My son brought one home to me from a hardware store. I'm not sure if they sell these or if vendors give them items like this. He has given me lovely small flashlights and the other day he gave me a small book for notes that has a pen attached. Nice. This light will be good when sewing I bet. Better than the little light behind my machine, that's for sure.
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Would you have to bend your head way down to aim it at the needle?
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Mmmmm, maybe. But I tend to do that a bit anyway. I will try it out when my face heals. had more MOS skin cancer surgery today. Not up to anything at the moment.
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My husband uses headlights all the time to work on cars. I've though about getting one for working on sewing machines.

Stitchnripper, you can adjust the headband quite a bit so that it pretty much points the way you look.
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My husband bought his headlamp at Walmart in the camping section.
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I've had a headlamp for years, and there are all kinds of uses for them. There're great for walking the dogs after dark or finding things in the back of a cabinet. Many are adjustable, so that you can aim the light where you want it. You can also adjust the light intensity on the more expensive ones. As rjwilder mentioned above, then best ones are sold as camping tools, so any outdoor shop would have them.
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My husband bought me one because sometimes I just need that extra light. I like mine.
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I have used them also. DH and Son use them for camping and hunting, and they were great for us when we had no electricity out to the garage/storage at the cabin. I go in streaks using them for quilting. Right now I'm using an Ott clip on that I love. It's flexible, so I can position the light exactly where I want it.
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I tried the head lights and did not find them comfortable. Plus, never really shone in the right places.

Finally found a similar solution one day in the hardware store, when I wasn't even looking for it ......... a neck light!
CT7105 Rechargeable LED Neck Light - CATŪ LIGHTS (catlights.com)

You can get this one in both re-chargeable and battery operated. I tried the battery one, but they drained very quickly. However, it had worked long enough to prove to me that it was what I wanted. So returned it and got the re-chargeable. The two lights are controlled independently, have dimmers and pivot/swivel to help you get it to the right position.

Have used it for several years now for hand sewing and sometimes too, even at the sewing machine when I need a little more light.

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I have the head lamp too for camping. It's a life saver but I couldn't wear it to sew. I have one that hangs around my neck that is for sewing. It's called a Beam & Read. I bought is quite a few years, there are a lot more out there that are not as cumbersome. But it puts the light there I need it and is very bright.
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