Help with towels...

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Default Help with towels...

Could anyone advise me on how to or what to do with towels having fraying edges? Towel's in great shape but edges are fraying? TIA....
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Cut off the frayed edge then make a new hem by folding once, folding again, and stitching near the top edge (not near the fold.)
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I've gone around mine with serger..same color or contrasting threads.
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I just rip off the strings and let the towels be afterwards. Does not seem to impact anything at all and, honestly, I don't even notice that the edge is not 'finished'. Now would I use them for guests? Certainly not. For just us, absolutely!
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As a former innkeeper, you can add bindings to the edges for a pretty look, or you can turn them into bathmats. I cover a towel with a little quilt top the same size, quilt minimally, and bind all the way around. Makes a great gift and also brightens up the bathroom.
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I overcast the frayed edges with a zigzag stitch or the serger.

I have even sewn towels that have torn - like gotten caught on something - back together with a darning stitch.

I was raised "frugally".

I even - way back when - would cut worn washcloths down the middle and sew the less used outside edges together. Now these washcloths are in the rag pile for icky clean-ups.

If the overcasting is done soon enough with matching thread, it is barely noticeable.
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If the rest of the towel is in good shape, I just turn up and hen with a zig zag, if the towel is threadbare, into the rag bin for clean ups or shoe polish.
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Why not trim it clean and then put a binding on the edge, like we bind quilts?
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