huge day for me tomorrow

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already have first quilt picked out thanks to a lovely lady here on the board. I will be getting my light box back today so I can mark the quilting lines, I do both machine (in the ditch) and hand quilting I know, I know, but hay it works for me, and I listen to my own drummer, he may be out of tune with every one else but I can't carry a tune so no problem for me.
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So happy for you and all this excitement in one day. You are going to be floating on cloud 9 for a long time. Enjoy your quilting items and your new fur baby. Your Yorkie will be a lot of fun to have around too and a lot of company and maybe even a great helper in the sewing room
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like Christmas in August! good for you!
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So happy for you that things worked out the way they did. You'll be much better in your own home with your new little companion.
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Enjoy setting up your sewing machines and making your quilt your way! It sounds like you are in your happy place. Enjoy!
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Oh how wonderful!! I bet you can't sleep. I don't believe I could either. Tell us more good news when everything (including puppy) is home.
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Oh my sewing machines are HOME again, and they are all sitting on the tables where they belong, and a lot of my fabric is put away. my ott lamps are next to there machines too, it will take me months to get every thing in it's right place but I'll get there no worries. They did not have my big roll of batt so guess I lost that but got my thimble collection, tracing light, 8 sewing machines, small roll of batting and have cutters, box of Pfaff feet, rippersl and lots of other things, like russian tea caddys and fab eggs.

and another good thing I have lost 43 &1/2 pounds so far. and I have gotten my blood sugar down a bunch. I can do so much more, and I can wear cloths I have not been able to get into for years!

more news on new dog as I find out more, the one I was supposed to get turned out to be a scam, so many of them you really have to be careful, lost $200. but boy did I learn! could have worse, so no worries, have a great day!
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I am so sorry to learn you won't be getting a puppy. So sad there are scammers.

I am glad you decided to stay in your own home. You will be much happier.
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Default I was wondering.......

Originally Posted by leaha View Post
I am still trying to put back things where they belong, after a sister came and rearranged every thing, but now things are on the right track, and my heart is so full. My lovely neighbor said there was no way she would let me move to Ga. into that one small room in the middle of a field could not even get my car close, how would I get food stuffs there? So glad I took the time to really think things over. Ok gotta get back to work, so much to do, house cleaner is coming tomorrow, and I want every thing off the floor, Ha like that is gonna happen, LOL happy for you. I will admit when we read your original post about moving I was very worried for happy & overjoyed for you
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good news! my neighbors dog shipper found me a Dog, ( much much cheeper too) and she went and picked it up and delivered it yesterday, Anya gave him a both and he played with her dogs and children, then he came home to me, he is still getting used to me, he is so cute a bit scruffy he needs grooming, but he is so dang cute!! I love him already, well it was love at first sight, so doing a haapy dance!
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