I said "no"

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Yeah! Without hesitation. A person I work with came up to me at lunch and said, "I have a favor to ask, I bought some ....from ..... and they are too long..."

And before she said anything more I said right up front, "I don't do tailoring or mending. That requires special skills that I don't have."

"Well, you have a sewing machine, it's just cut it off and hem it."

"I don't do that. I'm sure you can find someone at the dry cleaner who can fix things like that."

The end.

Yeah it feels so relieving to not make excuses or actually trying to do it when I know I don't want to and really don't know how to do it so it looks good.
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:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Why do people think that you can do alterations just because you have a sewing machine?????
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I hate alterations. Quit doing that years ago, and glad I did.

WTG.......dry cleaners do a great job at it, lol.
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Good for you! I have the same problem, every one wants something mended. I've gotten to the the point where I do the same, or tell them needle and thread is under $5 and they could do it themselves and save the cash. I hate to mend, even my own cloths.
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I'm with you guys! I hate alterations! I don't do alterations--not even for myself! I've even stopped making clothes since I got into quilting!
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Originally Posted by virtualbernie
I'm with you guys! I hate alterations! I don't do alterations--not even for myself! I've even stopped making clothes since I got into quilting!
:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
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Three cheers for you!!!

It's a big thing to say "I don't have those skills" because it puts the ego aside, even though you're really saying "Heck no, that is SOOOOOO not my thing! I CREATE ART! NOT MEND!"

:D :D :D
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Very proud of you. The gal that asked you to alter her stuff is qould probably thing a quilt you made wasn't a big deal. After all you just sewed some stuff together, ha, just shows how much she knows.
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Great line to get out of doing it! I will use it myself! I don't get enought time to work on my quilts, which is what I really want to do (maybe this Board is the major reason!!LOL), I certainly don't want to waste my time (they usually don't even offer to pay you!) doing what I don't like to do for someone else! Good for you!!
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My standard answer is "would you ask Picasso to paint your house"? LOL
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