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Originally Posted by Sunnye View Post
Cute story but my grandpa always said, "Never feed a dog chicken bones."
I know you didn't feed them to her, but please be careful with bones if animals can get to the trash. Our great big bloodhound couldn't tolerate any kine of bone besides rawhide!
I was thinking the exact same thing. If I catch Bess (Avatar) with anything in her mouth that isn't supposed to be there, the adrenalin starts a'pumping away and the strength of a giant comes through my arms and opens up her steel jaws!!!!! We gave her two raw beef joint bones when we first got her as a 7 week old puppy. She is now 10-1/2 years old and is still chewing on them (Same ones). Her favorite thing in the world. She has grooves in them. She teethed on them. A raw bone is very good for a dog. A cooked bone can splinter, get caught in their throat and before you know it, they are in great peril. One more thing. Our vet has never had to clean Bess' teeth. He says she has the best teeth he has ever seen for a 10 year old dog, nice and white. Raw beef bone! Edie
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This last 4th of July, we had my entire family come for the day. When they were leaving I told each one they had to take some of the left over food with them. My sister-in-law took a tupperware container and put two pieces of chocolate cake and two cookies in it, sealed it and set in on the fire place hearth. This container was 8 X 4 X 4. When she got ready to leave we could not find the container. After searching the house she made the statement that my schnauzer had been over smelling the container and she shooed him away. I immediately ran to the back yard. There was said container with the lid off and there was chocolate all over the his beard. It is a mystery to us how he got the container in his mouth, out the doggie door and got the lid off. Fortunately it did not make him sick. They are smart little guys.
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This thread is hilarious, enjoyed reading about everyone's fur babies. We have pugs and they are wonderful, but don't make them mad, they will let you know it with perfectly placed 'accidents.'
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I have two Labs, Wendy and Lonesome. They LOVE the raw beef bones I get at the butcher shop. Both have beautiful teeth. Wendy is very possessive of any bone within her space. Lonesome has learned to hide his. I have seen him spend over an hour looking for the perfect spot in the yard to dig and hide his bone. When I feel sorry for him I let him in the house to chew on his bone out of Wendy's view and reach. Lonesome's favorite spot to hide his bone in the house is behind the toilets in the bathrooms.
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LOL we had a doxie that stole a steak off the DH's plate . .needless to say .. Poor dog didn't know what was up when hubs went after the steak (no he didn't eat it, chopped it up into small pieces for the dog and BBQ's himself another). The dog did stay away for DH for quite a while afterwards .. LOL
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My Pomeranian started burying food/treats at 8 weeks old when I got her. It is so cute to see her bury something then a few minutes later come back and move it. Then moments later she moves it again. If my bed was easier to move I'd love to see what is under there.
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Its been a while since I posted a reply. My mother just passed away at the end of April. She was 87 and had been living with me for a year and a half. Well, any way, I was visiting my niece and we had ordered a party pizza and some wings I was going to take some leftovers with me . I forgot to put them away. When we went to look for them we couldn't find them. She has a pitbull , who happens to be a very sweet dog. We figured she had to have eaten them but couldn't find the plate or bones. She happened to hide them way under the counter. Who said animals aren't sneaky or smart.
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My little Esky HAS to touch fabric when I am in the sewing room. She has a scrap about 4 inches around that she lays on her pillow with and keeps one paw on it the whole time I am in here. I understand and I love the sweet and funny things that all of our animals do. Sounds like you got a morning blessing from yours
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