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Thread: Late winter hello

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    Senior Member adriansmom's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Council Bluffs, IA
    I thought I should stop by and say hey ya' all to everyone.

    We are doing OK here is SWIowa! Adrian is doing well in school for the most part he is doing very well with his ADHD and the stuffthe doc has him on is working very well. he still has bad days of course, but they are fewer and fewer. It is starting to warm up a bit.

    Me and Jill are still seeing each other every weekend!! Tellin' ya' all this is going to last a while. Even looking like a move in the near future might be on the list. And as there is not much holding me here anymore...I effin' HATE my job!!! Have for the past five years! And the folks at school keep calling DHS(child protection) I feel my future is no longer anymore. And the more time I spend at Jill's..the more it seems like we belong there. And she has built a practice with her vet clinic and has a house in a small town..... yeah I think it is on the wall for us to get the hell out of Dodge! And make a new life in a new place where not many know us. (Sorry for the bad language folks!!!)

    I have had a couple of dreams now that I remember with Cathy in them, so I am pretty sure that she was trying to tell me something. Wish it was the winning numbers to the PowerBall lottery!!!! HA HA!

    I did give Cathy's mom the sewing machine that a certain someone VERY special on here sent to her as part of the Christmas present from us. And it will get used at some point in time. Her mom is still having a some tough times but doing what she needs to do. We do talk on occassion and I am glad.

    Rudy is doing well! Is about 13 or 14 now I think. Oh and Lacey..that yellow lab we got from Adrian's babysitter??? She is weighing in at about 85-90 pounds now!!! HA HA HA!! My cousin and his family are WAY TOO generous with the table scraps! HA HA HA!!!

    I don't really know what else to tell ya' all right now.

    Oh yeah..I forgot I did make Cathy's Legacy.com page permanent. I will try to put in a link so you can get to it from here. I have to tell ya' though...I so miss hearing her laugh and hearing her say "it will be OK we will get through this." and hearing her and Adrian playing or reading a book.

    Here is that link. hope it works.


    All of my best adriansmom
    (Arron - doing better but still missing his Goofus)

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    Moderator Jim's Gem's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    Camarillo, California
    Good to hear from you Arron!!
    I'm glad that your relationship with Jill is going well.
    Glad to hear that Adrian is doing well. It takes time.
    Keep us up on how you both are doing!!

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    Super Member Marlys's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Eastern Montana
    It is good to hear from you & to know that things are getting better!

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    Power Poster sueisallaboutquilts's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Hi Aaron,
    Loved reading your latest post. Thanks for stopping by every now and then. It is such a testament to your devotion to Cathy. She was valued on the board and will never be forgotten.
    Glad you and Adrian are moving along in this life. :)
    Hugs, Sue

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    Apr 2007
    Alturas, CA
    It's good to hear from you. Thanks for keeping us updated with your life. I'm glad that you and Adrian are moving on with your lives. It all takes time, but eventually the pain lessens.

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