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Soooo funny! My daughter has a cat that only likes to drink out of the bathtub faucet (it drips). She found this out when he jumped in the shower with her!
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Aren't cats the funniest things. My granddaughter has 2 house cats. She had one- but her mom and I go walking every night and this kitty was under the car crying one night soo ...we brought him in and fed him and put him back out-he would leave -but be back the next night- we did this for 5 nites -then we just never put him back out/he never wants out. I think someone moved and left him. Anyways - the other one sits on the side of the bathtub while my granddaughter (she's 3)takes her bath -as soon as he hears the water he runs to the bathroom - she did pull him in one night with her !
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Ours do the exact same the faucet water!
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I go thru that too. goofy cats LOL
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I have 3 cats, but only one of them "used" to try to get into the sink to drink the water out of the faucet. She was a rescue kitten from a family that allowed her to counter surf. I couldn't stand for that so I had keep her from getting on the counters.
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I have seen lots of cats who drink from a running faucet. Mine don't do that, but they do like to get the water moving before they drink it. I love to watch the critters! Who needs TV when you have that kind of entertainment!
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Glad to see that other people's cats do the same thing. I have one that jumps up on the counter for me to turn on the water each morning.

she may luck out with the weather. may leave the faucets dripping since it's supposed to be below freezing for a couple days this week (and it's been pretty cold during this week)
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We recently had a cat that no matter how much water was in the bowl...she always stuck her paw into it before drinking to get it moving so she knew how much was in it. We had her for 19 Years and still miss her. But what wonderful memories. :-D
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Two of my three cats always bat at the water for a significant amount of time before finally deciding to drink. They kinda do this 1 paw tap, tap, tap...routine.Go figure. It's almost like they expect it to bite back!
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My two cats have always preferred 'fresh' water from the faucet over any other type of water. Since they are Maine Coons and pretty big, they'd have to practically turn into pretzels to get their heads in that little space under the faucet. I finally had the faucets in the bathroom sinks changed to those kind that have a high arch so they'd have more room to drink.

They let me think I'm in charge.
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