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Thread: Needle Workers Have UFOs Too

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    Needle Workers Have UFOs Too

    I bought the entire UFO collection of a very elderly lady whose health failed and moved to assisted living. She and I have never and will never meet this side of heaven. The collection includes needlepoint, pettipoint, magnificent cross stitched(?) pictures that appear to have been done with silk threads (sorry, no burn tests) about the size of quilting threads, cross stitch, applique, and embroidery. There are various, as appropriate, backings. Most of the pieces were finished but not the completed projects she had in mind.

    I bought a legacy as well as the awe of what I am seeing. It is growing to be a huge responsibility. However old this lady is, her sight is perfect and her hands steady. Whatever I do with my finds needs to respect and honor her. A once in a lifetime find. Problem is, I am afraid. Yup, there it is. Palpitating. I have got to pinch my nose closed and jump into the water. Help me screw up my courage?

    It seems as though the best way to do this is divide things into "to be quilted in some way," "to be framed," "to be made into pillows for special people," and so on. Once that is done, choose the one piece that is the least intimidating and hit the water. Next choice is "what to do." What I need to technically know and the choices I need to make just stop me in my tracks.

    Give me a push?

    Help, please! Blessings upon you in advance.


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    Once in awhile I pick a few up at estate sales. They're great go projects. If I'm not sure of something, I check YouTube for videos for instructions or the best project to work on first. I have downloaded instructions to print and those go with the projects. They have their own project see through envelope, I pick up at dollar stores. It's a nice break to do other things when reaching a burn out or losing motivation.

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    I agree with tessgin I have jewelry that I do when I can't quilt or sew. You can do it just take your time and and pick one that speaks to you.

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    I agree wqith the comments above. You can do it! Take your time. It will come.
    Be a blessing to others, as you may entertain angels unaware!

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    You are thinking to much.

    Close your eyes, just grab something and go for it. You can do it! Woohoo! It's an adventure waiting to be explored. No, can't back out, no, you won't screw up either!

    You are the chosen one, the one that will make a positive difference. You are the one with the golden hands and with the opportunity of a life time.

    I see great reward in your future, may not be of worldly desire, but of heavenly blessings.

    Fear not, for I'm with you always.

    Please Pat, don't take this the wrong way. It's just an encouragement.
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    ♥♥♥ Loving Mama ♥♥♥

    If life gives you scraps, make an angel quilt out of it!

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    Oh i'll have to send you my eyeglass case that isn't finished! have fun picking your first project.

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    Hah! I just packed up my needlepoint UFOs for goodwill. They are sitting in the car even as I type this. I hope they make someone happy.

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    Start with the one you are sure you know how to do. Then do it! 1 done!

    Finish the one that is almost complete. Do it! 2 done!

    You can do anything that you set your mind to - and only the first one is hard - after that, it's all gravy.

    What a wonderful gift you have been given - accept it and learn everything it has to offer.

    Wow that sounds so preachy. Didn't mean to, sorry.
    PACE - Positive Attitude Changes Everything

    "All things are literally better, lovlier, and more beloved for the imperfections that reflect the human effort that went into their making."

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    Sounds like you have a good plan already to go.

    Sort them into specific categories, put lists of needed work and names of who you have in mind for them.

    Pick a simple one to finish so it isnt to intimidating and that will get you started.

    When my DM left this world, I received all her belongings and did just that. What I didn't think was finishable with my skills I passed to others.

    I finished special things I knew she wanted to go to certain people first then tackled everything else.

    Have fun with this wonderful responsibility.
    no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Aesop

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