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I have come to the point that I screen all calls if I do not recognize the phone number. If someone really wants me they will leave a message and I can call them back.
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What is it with the robocalls lately? They drive me nuts. They seem to come in waves but my phone often says Telemarketer or Spam call. Many others are from my area code though.
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The best thing to do is actually call your company yourself and ask if they tried to contact you. If not it saves you and alerts them that a scammer is using them. Do not call the number they give you or go to a link if it's on the internet, use the one you have yourself or that is in the phone book.
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Dunster, hope the fires are not getting close to you at Elsinore. I lived many years in Sun City and I'm still worried about neighbors there. Prayers for California.
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I don't like but don't mind the calls I can ignore, but I've been getting tons of voicemails left on my cell phone for health insurance. The message ends with "have a blessed day," which doesn't seem like something a health insurance company would say in an advertising call...
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Originally Posted by RuthiesRetreat3 View Post
Dunster, hope the fires are not getting close to you at Elsinore. I lived many years in Sun City and I'm still worried about neighbors there. Prayers for California.
Thanks for your concern. So far the fires have not affected me, other than occasionally a bit of a smoky smell and a haze over the valley. Last year one of the major fires was much closer, not close enough to endanger my home, but close enough that the employees at the Costco gas station where I shop were wearing masks, ash was falling all around, and we could see the flames just across the freeway. The fires are indeed scary, especially when they start up during the night and people awaken to find that they are in danger.
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a friend in England just had the same thing happen. and my computer just talked to me, that makes me so mad. "something wrong with the mike, i can't hear you". it isn't supposed to hear me!! sometimes i do hate electronics!
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Originally Posted by lberna View Post
I donít answer any phone calls from people not in my contact list. If it is important, they can leave a voicemail.
This is what I do also.
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Thank you so much for letting us know. I get robo calls all the time and I usually don't even answer. Good for you in not calling that number.
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Thanks for the heads up. We get a lot of calls from "Verizon" saying our phone service had been discontinued and he had to send gift cards. I normally don't answer numbers unless they are in my address book but we are waiting for a call to schedule DH hip replacement surgery and they never use the same number twice so I am answering way too many scam calls these days.
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