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thank you all !
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I had problems like that once. After changing needles 3 times, finally figured out that the needles were not going all the way into the shaft. It felt like they went in all the way, but when I used a pair of pliers to grip the needle and push a little harder, the needle went in another eighth inch. Then sewed perfectly.
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This will probably happen repeatedly. At least mine did. It's too easy to miss the upper tension disks when threading and you will get birds' nests every time. Here are the pictures of my solution. Start by removing the small cover over the tension disks, then you'll be able to see exactly what is happening. I don't have any birds' nests since doing this.
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Check the bobbin. I have 3 brother machines. I have bought bobbins at different places. They all said they were the bobbin # I needed. Was having problems. Lay the bobbin on it's side. Some are thicker than others. Use the thinner one, see if that helps. Good luck.
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Glad you got your machine to sewing now. Also, for the future, when you thread your top thread, make sure your presser foot is up.....I accidentally had mine down once when threading my machine, and had a lot of trouble when I started sewing.
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Originally Posted by NJ Quilter View Post
I have no clue about the machine but I'll off this....I'm sure you've already tried re-threading the machine 100 times but perhaps another time might help? Does this machine require-machine specific bobbins and you're using those if so? Bobbin is threaded correctly in the machine?

Does the owner's manual offer any suggestions? Have you called the shop where you purchased it to see if they can give you any direction?
I have a Brother and I love it. And yes, I have been known to put the bobbin in bass-ackwards. Just take your time. Mine tells me if I have made a mistake with the bobbin or the spool of thread and then I have to sit there and figure it out. And when it purrs, it feels so good that you did something right. And if you have the thing that you press and the needle moves from left to center to right, make sure it is in the center. I did buy some bobbins that were supposedly supposed to work, and it seems like they do, even though Brother says they don't. Big Brother is Watching!!!!!! I got them when one of our Hancock's was closing down and I use my Sidewinder to fill all the bobbins (while I am watching a tv show) and put them in a Truvia container and I have bobbins to last me a year, a least. They are all working. I have two more bobbins to use and then I have about 50 bobbins to fill. I use natural and I buy a dozen spools of natural thread made by Essential by Connecting Threads - 1200 yard skeins. Good luck to you and your Brother. I named my machine Little Brother - I have two sisters so why not name my sewing machine Little Brother. Right? Edie
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Hold your bobbin so that it looks like a "P". In other words the tail of the thread must be hanging down from the left, then drop in bobbin case. Also be sure you are using "Brothers embroidery bobbin thread". Other bobbin threads do not work well with embroidery. Take to a reputable Brothers dealer if all else fails.. I work at a Brothers store and these steps often fix the problem.. Good luck!
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