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maryb119 05-18-2015 03:43 AM

Army docs told me when my kids were little to take 2 Tylenol, lie on your side....hurting ear down. Then place a really warm wet washcloth on the good ear. It works.

Geri B 05-18-2015 03:57 AM

......a lot of our modern day pharmaceutical come from old natural remedies......aspirin/willow tree bark......and on and on.....I wonder what is in the peach pit that worked to relief the earache.....

ladydukes 05-18-2015 06:19 AM

I subscribe to a free online health blog called Healthy House. Below are two remedies that are all natural ways to rid ear wax or an ear infection: The first one was in their blog for today.
1 part rubbing alcohol
1 part white vinegar
Take a teaspoon of the mixture and pour it into the ear by tilting your head to one side. Stay in that position for 1 minute. Afterwards, allow the mixture to run out of the ear by sitting upright.

The second one for an ear ache:
Crack a walnut and remove the meat. Place a small amount of olive oil in the walnut shell, then heat in the microwave. Allow to cool. Place a few drops of the liquid in the ear.

Latrinka 05-18-2015 07:13 AM

I can sure sympathize with you on an earache! Very painful! Had them all my life, the only remedy I've heard of is the alcohol and vinegar. A doctor told me that one, same as swimmers ear sold at stores. He said the alcohol dries up the water, and the vinegar kills bacteria. That's for if you got water in your ears, if they are infected, you need an antibiotic. I can't stand anyone to even touch my ears, don't even like letting a doctor look in them!

Chasing Hawk 05-18-2015 07:18 AM

I use the vinegar/ rubbing alcohol mixture in my ears once a day. I have really itchy inner ears...lol...I have been to specialist, only that accomplished was over charging my insurance company.

Since I started this daily routine, my ears don't itch hardly at all.

Diannia 05-18-2015 07:51 AM

Ok here's a weird one for you...my mom would blow cigarette smoke into the ear then put cotton in it to hold the smoke in...and it worked. I didn't try this on my kids...

Snooze2978 05-18-2015 08:45 AM

I remember my uncle would blow cigarette smoke in my ear and then close it up with a cotton ball. Can't remember whether it worked or not now but his love and attention always made me feel better. I was born deaf in one ear and it was always that ear that would ache.

Onebyone 05-18-2015 09:05 AM

Went to Dr. this morning. No infection. Said must be pressure on the ear drum and it will clear out on it's own. Meds won't do anything for the ear but put me to sleep.

ptquilts 05-18-2015 10:02 AM

I would try decongestant, loosen up whatever is in there. I had pain on the side of my tongue, looked it up online and it said it was referred pain from Eustachian tubes. Decongestant cleared it up.

Kimkankwilt 05-18-2015 10:16 AM

That is awesome. Thanks for that info...might come in handy someday.

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