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MaryMo 11-17-2018 06:30 PM

shop mostly in store (where I can touch merchandise) but am doing more and more online . . .

leather (or faux leather) or upholstery seats in car

zozee 11-17-2018 06:33 PM


large or small purse

Boston1954 11-20-2018 12:38 PM

purse is medium

(because we are close to Thanksgiving) pumpkin pie or mincemeat?

zennia 11-21-2018 06:06 AM

mincemeat the pumpkin

homemade stuffing or Stove Top

thrums 11-21-2018 08:19 AM

homemade stuffing

snow or sand

zozee 11-21-2018 01:05 PM


brunette or red

JustAbitCrazy 11-21-2018 03:37 PM


Traveling for Thanksgiving, staying home alone, or having overnight guests for Thanksgiving?

MaryMo 11-21-2018 05:13 PM

enjoying my day alone reading, quilting, movies . . . .

cranberry sauce or jellied cranberries ?

thrums 11-22-2018 05:27 AM


bran buds or bran flakes?

lynnie 11-22-2018 10:52 AM


Christmas candy-----ribbon or candy canes

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