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SusieQOH 10-02-2017 04:34 AM

Many rings- I love bling! :)

Fall mums- red or yellow

Boston1954 10-02-2017 05:28 AM

Love yellow

keep bills organized or throw them in a draw after being paid

lovingmama 10-02-2017 06:13 AM

Throw them

Small scraps - save or toss in the trash

JustAbitCrazy 10-02-2017 07:11 AM

Toss anything an inch or smaller. Larger scraps are cut into strips or squares for Leaders and Enders.

Wool or cotton batting? (Wool's my new fav!)

Boston1954 10-02-2017 07:54 AM

Allergic to wool. I use Warm and Natural.

Nice Day - screens in window or just plain open.

lovingmama 10-02-2017 08:26 AM


Listen to the news early in the morning or late at night

JustAbitCrazy 10-02-2017 12:56 PM

Morning news, because I'm not awake at 11:00pm.

quilting shows: watch on tv or Utube?

lynnie 10-02-2017 01:18 PM

anyway I can get them

oatmeal, plain of flavored

JustAbitCrazy 10-02-2017 07:21 PM

flavored or with flaxseed, please.

Enter your quilts in shows or not?

jlt37869 10-02-2017 07:31 PM


Batik fabric or 30's reproduction fabric?

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