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lovingmama 10-03-2017 01:57 AM

Batik definetely

Books hard copy or e book ( kindle etc)

JustAbitCrazy 10-03-2017 05:48 AM

Hard copy at the moment.

Pay with check, cash or debit card?

lovingmama 10-03-2017 06:25 AM


Radio, singing withnthe song or humming

lynnie 10-03-2017 06:39 AM

neither, I hate humming

coffee or tea for A.M.

Boston1954 10-03-2017 06:55 AM

mostly coffee, but I like tea also.

Family photographs - in albums, or in the computer in folders.

SusieQOH 10-03-2017 08:07 AM


Take vitamins or not

lovingmama 10-03-2017 11:59 AM


Lights - turn them off when you leave the room or not

lynnie 10-03-2017 12:36 PM

turn them off

pumpkin pie or pumpkin cookies

JustAbitCrazy 10-03-2017 03:58 PM

pumpkin pie!

pie as is, or with ice cream?

lynnie 10-03-2017 04:42 PM

depends, but usually ice cream

bathe the dog or brush him

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