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Nanny's dollface 06-17-2014 03:48 AM

Hiding storage with table skirt?
I need advice ...recently moved and now my quilting room is half the size without a wall closet or any closet! I have one of those long heavy plastic display tables against one wall for paper crafting and storage underneath. I hate to see the storage stuff.
I was thinking of making a table skirt with a top ruffle that I would Velcro around the table edges.
So here is my plan...is it crazy or is there another way?
Since two sides of the table are against the wall, the remaining exposed edges measure 109 inches. These are the edges I want to cover to the floor. I will want to cut 218 inches of fabric and cut another 218 inches of fabric for the ruffle. place wrong side of ruffle fabric to wrong side of skirt , sew then flip the fabric over the seam and press. Take 1 inch elastic and while stretching elastic sew elastic to the top of table skirt . After elastic in place then sew on Velcro .
Does this sound like it will work? Thanks!

irishrose 06-17-2014 04:09 AM

I would think doing it that way might be difficult to have the upper edge be neat. I would make it like an apron or skirt waistband so the piece you're attaching the Velcro to is smooth. I would also make the under curtain less than double. If you want the valance, it can be double. Plus, I'd use two pieces on the curtain for accessibility - three if you're turning the corner. it does sound like a good idea.

ManiacQuilter2 06-17-2014 04:20 AM

I am thinking of doing the same but I want to protect my fabric from any sunlight. But be sure to think where you need an opening and be sure that it will still give you access to what you are storing under the table. Will enjoy seeing you post pictures as it will inspire me.

NJ Quilter 06-17-2014 10:55 AM

I agree with Irishrose about the ruffle making the top difficult to keep neat. Here is what I would do. A single fullness of fabric for the table (i.e. the 109 inches but I'd probably give myself a couple of inches for 'fudge factor' as well as making side hems). If you want the ruffle for the 'pretty factor', go ahead and double that width for your fullness. Make the ruffle separately as you initially mention. I would sew the velcro strip to the flat skirt (making top/bottom hems beforehand). Then sew the ruffle onto the skirt with wrong side of ruffle to right side of skirt. Kind of like a 'top dressing' for the skirt. Both pieces then stick to the table together. I would put the large ruffled side towards the floor, thus having less fullness at the top edge for things to get lost in.

For me, I probably would not do any ruffle just so there was not some place for little things (pins; bobbins; etc.) to hide on me! You might want to do the 3 pieces of fabric as suggested for ease of access to your bins under the table. Maybe even an overlapping slit in the front for the same reason. Just remember to add in those extra inches for side hems on each piece of fabric.

bearisgray 06-17-2014 11:09 AM

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I think I would skip the tablecloth part and just put velcro spots at intervals around the edge of the table.

Then I would make a "waistband" to attach the ruffle/covering to the table and put velcro on that.
I would make the "skirt" only 1.25 to 1.5 time the length of the band and make it in three sections so that I would have easier access to my stuff under the table.

I would use a heavier fabric that would only need to have a little fullness to look nice - and it would hang well.

In my world, the tablecloth would keep slipping.

If the edges of the table are big enough, I would consider attaching the velcro to the INSIDE of the table and fasten the skirt from the inside/under the table. That way you would not be catching things on the skirt as you move stuff on and off the table.

Pat M. 06-17-2014 11:10 AM

If you really mean RUFFLES, you need to Double or triple the measurement for the RUFFLES. If you mean a border, you can sew it like a burrito pillow case, just don't sew up the sides:).

Sandygirl 06-17-2014 11:16 AM

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I did mine about 3 years ago.

nativetexan 06-17-2014 01:59 PM

that sounds wonderful. My husband put up a nine foot solid wood door for my cutting table and i wanted storage beneath that. he made two large open "boxes" on wheels for my bed linens and i made some fabrics to hang from the cutting table. he put them on with three yard sticks. Looks fine and the fabric meets in the center to allow access.

Jan in VA 06-17-2014 05:09 PM

I did this with my cutting/pressing table. Except I used tension rods right under the lip of the surface of the table against the legs. This allowed me to quickly just seam a hem and a rod pocket.
I covered one side and the 2 ends separately so that I could easily move the fabric out of the way to claim what I needed from under the table.
I used a nice grade of muslin that nearly matched the painted trim on my table and the paint on my walls so that the drapes would blend into the background, not become a design element of their own.

Jan in VA

Nanny's dollface 06-17-2014 06:59 PM

Bearing ray, thank-you so much for the drawing, as I am a visual person this helps to give me guidance.
i appreciate your time and guidance.

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