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plainpat 03-10-2016 04:40 AM

Kitchen ware I wish I hadn't bought
Another thread about safe pots & pans set me to thinking how much kitchen "stuff"I have bought & regretted.Electric or not......all I have to do is think back to kitchen ware I have given away....or look at the couple of long shelves holding what needs to be donated.:(

One job wonders leads the list,a huge slo cooker (for 2 ppl),garlic thing ma jigs.....more slicers & dicers than I can remember (my paring knife works better), a gift of an egg cooker ?......2...count them 2...Keurig coffee makers,iced tea maker,hamburg press,big mixer with all attachments (gone),pressure cooker ...gone. In my defense,DDs are desperate to find gifts for this old couple. Thankfully,I finally told them we appreciate the thought,but No more kitchen anything!! No need,no room.

nativetexan 03-10-2016 06:53 AM

I"ve been cleaning house too. There are many things we can do without. But we see things and think how much that would help our day. Television and now the internet have a lot to do with this. We see, we need.

Tartan 03-10-2016 06:57 AM

My kitchen is not huge and counter space is at a premium. I only keep my microwave on the counter and don't buy any other appliances to clutter my counter. I do have a good size junk drawer that I keep all my misc. kitchen tools in. I keep 5 spatulas in there and yes I sometimes use them all before the dishwasher is full enough to run.

my-ty 03-10-2016 07:06 AM

Originally Posted by Tartan (Post 7489999)
I keep 5 spatulas in there and yes I sometimes use them all before the dishwasher is full enough to run.

I cannot relate to the rest of your kitchen but I always need one more spatula than I own.

Yes, I own things that I rarely use but I am hoarder ... I might just need one of those things today.

JuneBillie 03-10-2016 07:43 AM

I am another one who wants rid of anything in my cabinets I don't use all the time. Those little things they advertise on tv I sure don't want either. In the past I have had people get them for me, but I don't use them. The only thing I like to have out on my counter is my microwave, coffee pot, and my swivel spice rack. I think I am becoming more of a minimalist. lol...

Geri B 03-10-2016 08:03 AM

Oh my, I am the opposite...I love gadgets and gizmos .........I do collect them, but I do use them too, at least once a year! Ha, ha! Kidding aside.....when I cook, bake, or whatever, I want the fastest way to do it. But, because this kitchen as opposed to my olde farmhouse one is "compact"... The overflow of big gadgets are in cabinets in laundry room, covered shelf unit in attached garage(baking stuff...less used), and down in family room where I have a huge pine handmade cabinet....carried over from olde farmhouse, for some things too. Now, no one allows me to go to bed, bath and beyond anymore...small gizmos are in three drawers in kitchen...those are my go to everyday things. I do a lot of scratch preparing/cooking.....oh well

canmitch1971 03-10-2016 08:17 AM

The most useless gadget I have ever had was a fondue pot. We might have used it twice in 45 years.. My Mother got us a pressure cooker that I have never used also...I am afraid of it.

Chasing Hawk 03-10-2016 08:26 AM

My kitchen space is small for the size house we have. My husband built a shelf in my laundry room for some of my small appliances. I try not to buy to many "once or twice used items" my list of no longer used things:
a wok
40 cup coffee pot
food processor (not an actual one, it mainly shredded veggies, grated cheese)
and a very evil kitchen Mandoline, the guard slipped and almost cut the end of my finger off.

ManiacQuilter2 03-10-2016 08:32 AM

I have a small kitchen and never really liked cooking so I never collected anything I wouldn't need or use.

NoraB 03-10-2016 08:42 AM

I have been gifted many cookbooks. Hmmmmmm....maybe there's a message in there somehow! Anyway, those take up so much room in my pantry and I don't think I've used half of them. I'm thinking of moving them somewhere else so I can put food in the pantry. Where do you all store your cookbooks?

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