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sewingpup 09-09-2021 10:20 AM

new washing machine and dryer
OK, Just bought a new washer and dryer. Gulp. anyway, I have been worrying myself silly that my 20 something old washer and dryer would just quit one of these days. Heard about the appliance shortage, winter's coming. Don't want to have to luge everything to a laundromat and don't want to have to hang clothes to dry outside, even if the fires finally go out, snow is coming. Called around, seems stores either have no washers but have dryers or no washers but have the dryers. I did want a top loader and was lucky to find a store that had some of those. Umm...what size...what price. Anyway, I ended up getting one of those top loaders without an agitator but a fairly good sized one at 4.8 cubic feet. They had a larger one but I could not reach the bottom. This one I can barely reach the bottom of the drum and will have to spin it to reach the far side. It is dark grey! The bigger one was white and as was the much smaller one they had with the agitator. They said if they had to order one it would hopefully only take 4-6 months to get one. So I got the grey one. No matching dyer...actually no dryer of the same brand and only one small one of another brand that wasn't gas, but he did call their supplier and they had one that they could put on the next truck! So hopefully, they will arrive in a few weeks. umm...better start saving now for the new stove....yikes...all my appliances are 20 some years old except the frig which I got last year. I read somewhere that quilters like the top loaders better than the front loaders....they did have plenty of front loaders it looked like.

cashs_mom 09-09-2021 10:28 AM

That's interesting . . . I bought a new washer a few months ago and Lowe's had plenty to choose from. Washers and dryers. I got one that has a removable agitator. Not that I'll probably remove it. lol

I like the top loaders better. It seems that you need to leave the door open on the new machines (especially the front loaders) to keep them from smelling bad and I have my washer and dryer in a hallway so it would be inconvenient to have the door open. Plus, I'm just not sold on the front loaders. They seem to have a lot of problems. I got the top loader with the feature that allows you to put extra water in which I think would be helpful if you are washing something that might fade onto the surrounding fabrics.

FoxyLady 09-09-2021 10:54 AM

Washing Machines
Interesting take on washing machines. I have a Maytag front loader and love it. Actually, this is my 2nd set of Maytag washers and dryers. Had one of the first Neptune series and it lasted for years before it finally gave out. Have had the second set of Maytag front loaders for about 14 years and they are still going strong. I love the fact that the washer uses less water than a top-loading machine; especially important now that my state is in a severe drought. Anyhow, just wanted to give a shout-out for my Maytag machines. If and when it comes time for replacement, I will again purchase top of the line Maytag front-loading washer and matching dryer.

Onebyone 09-09-2021 11:11 AM

The Maytag appliances in our last house, all new when we moved in, lasted about ten years and broke. Washing machine first then the dryer then the cook stove then the dishwasher. Repairman said Maytag has gone down in quality big time. Now we buy the cheapest and replace. So far the new cheaper ones have outlasted the more expensive ones we had before.

juliasb 09-09-2021 12:32 PM

My most recent larger appliance I purchased was a dishwasher and it took months for me to get one looking several times a week. I'm a simple gal and don't need a large washer or dryer or dishwasher for just 2 people. Finding larger things was easier as many of the big box stores had them. I hope I don't need a washer or dryer for many years to come.

peaceandjoy 09-09-2021 04:57 PM

Our appliances were all replaced when we remodeled the kitchen/bathroom/laundry 3 years ago.

My sister-in-law was having some problems with her refrigerator, so wanted to replace before it quit completely. It took several months for the model she wanted to come in. That was last year.

A friend has been trying to replace a freezer since spring. She has been told on 3 occasions that it is in the warehouse/will be on the truck/is shipping from Lowe's, Home Depot, and another more local vendor. Home Depot and Lowe's called a couple of days before the expected arrival to tell her it wasn't coming. The local vendor did not - she took half the day off, which meant closing her business, cleaned the freezer out and THEN found out they weren't coming.

What are people who do not have one that is on it's last legs, but working, doing? People who have built a new home, or moved into a home that doesn't have one, or the people who have had damage from the floods throughout the southern and northeastern states?

cashs_mom 09-09-2021 05:17 PM

If probably depends on where you are. Appliances are readily available here. There's some what else choice, but not by much. I was able to find a nice washer that had the features I wanted at the Lowe's 2 miles from my house on the northwest side of Houston, TX

tranum 09-09-2021 06:39 PM

My neighbor waited months for living room furniture and new kitchen appliances so I decided to replace my laundry set (Speed Queen) before they give out, then I might be in trouble. My set is 10 years old and I’m told they have some resale value yet. I shopped a new appliance store in town & they have plenty on hand. Salesman said they get a truckload every week. They are family owned and open 6 days, not 7. I like that and wish more stores would do that.

osewme 09-10-2021 08:45 AM

I have an LG washer & dryer which we bought about 4 years ago. I love my dryer but not so much the washer. The washer doesn't have an agitator (which I didn't even notice when purchasing it) and it's a high efficiency washer which means that the water is measured out according to the weight of the clothes. I personally think it needs more water in it when washing small loads & have to "bucket" over water to it if I want more than it puts in. It does have a very large tub but it is "deep" & I have to tip toe to reach the bottom of the tub to get my clothes out.
I really prefer the "old fashioned" washers & dryers where you could select the washing/drying modes with just the spin of a dial.
Now, as you can see, I don't deal well with a lot of changes in my life. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/wink.png

dunster 09-10-2021 02:23 PM

I was lucky last year to be able to buy a freezer. I was going out to shop so seldom, I needed to be able to stock up when I did go out. I couldn't seem to purchase one online, but I called the local Lowe's and found out they had some in the store. I was able to order and pay for it on the phone, and it was delivered quickly. I might have bought another model if there had been more to choose from, but I'm happy with this one.

I much prefer a top load washer with an agitator. I want to be able to control how much water it's using, especially when pre-washing quilts or quilting fabric. And I want to be able to open the lid after it's running and pop in the sock that dropped on the floor. I don't think any of the people designing the current machines have washed a real load of laundry in their lives.

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