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janiebakes 06-02-2021 06:14 AM

[QUOTE=rjwilder;8488199]I have a Shark and love it, easy to handle, lightweight, great suction and it's easy to clean. I have no carpet except area rugs and I have a fur kid, it works great picks up dust, dirt and fur.[/QUOTE

Does your Shark have a cord or is it cordless? I really like that brand and am looking for a cordless stick vacuum. TIA

Onebyone 06-02-2021 06:23 AM

I have six or seven of the cheap ones from Walmart. I have hardwood floors that show every crumb. I keep one in each closet so it's easy to spot clean dust bunnies and easy to get under the beds and furniture. I keep one in the laundry room, pantry, and foyer closet. They sure are handy. My grands from age two has played with them, kids sure love a vacuum cleaner. LOL I have a Dyson regular one for the rugs. It does okay but nothing amazing.

Doggramma 06-02-2021 06:34 AM

I really like my Dyson. The suction and ease of use is great. However the first one I had only lasted about 5 years before the battery died. And it seemed that the longer I had it, it kept losing the battery charge. I did buy another one though because I really really liked it. I loved my regular Sharp vacuum, but I hated the cord.

Stitchnripper 06-02-2021 06:48 AM

For hard surfaces I like the Swiffer Stick vac. Cordless. I have two Dysons. The old purple one which works great after all these years. Maybe 20. And a cordless one. They all get used.

SallyS 06-02-2021 07:13 AM

I have a Eureka RapidCleanPro that is excellent & cordless. I don't have carpeting, so can't comment on that, but it's a gem on wood floors.

Jingle 06-02-2021 06:12 PM

I have the shark rocket and it really picks up good. I mainly have hardwood floors with two room size rugs/carpet. It does a real good job.

IrishNY 06-02-2021 06:52 PM

I love them for our hardwood stairs and floors, and just to do a quick pick up of things on carpeting. We have a Dyson at our NC house. We'll move that to TN eventually so I bought a cheaper model on Amazon for the TN house and frankly like it just as much.


I couldn't stand to be without them.

ctrysass2012 06-02-2021 07:04 PM

My Shark is corded but it is a very long cord. I live in a mobile home & can vac about 3/4 of the length before moving the plug in.

SusieQOH 06-03-2021 06:05 AM

My son has a Dyson that he said is incredible. He loves housework. I told him he would have made a great "housewife" LOL

I keep buying Sharks ( but not a stick). They work well but I may get one of those Dysons that you charge when I need a new one. He loves his.

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