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Onebyone 10-02-2014 05:54 AM

Treasure Hunt
Anyone doing the Quiltmaker Treasure Hunt? It's impossible to find most of the treasure chests on the websites. Usually this is fun for me but I'm about to give up.

Tartan 10-02-2014 06:13 AM

I saw the notice on Bonnie Hunter's site. I have tried before but never had much luck and end up with tons of sewing ads as spam that bugs me.

ps. This contest is for US only as well.

ManiacQuilter2 10-02-2014 06:13 AM

No, I didn't know about it. Shop Hop is enough entertainment for me.

QuiltingVagabond 10-02-2014 02:18 PM

I am having trouble too, I wonder if some of the sites haven't posted the icon yet? I couldn't find Pfaff or Quilting Treasures - that's as far as I got through the magazine last night

Cecelia363 10-03-2014 02:31 PM

I've found 8 so far! The difficult part has been to keep my credit card zipped up in my wallet! Pfaff = just click on the Pfaff name/logo button on the Quiltmaker "contest" page. Quilting Treasures= go to the quiltingtreasures.com
in the search box (upper right) type in sparky & marie , click enter then scroll down to and click on 23662 and there it is! I think the trick I to study the sponsors ad page in the Quiltmaker magazine, the contest button is usually found on the web page of the product being featured. Connecting Threads gives a fun hint, basically about filling something first thing in the morning, a MUG! look on he "gifts" page. It's time consuming but winning is the only way I'll ever
get a quilting machine! Gotta enter to win!

QuiltingVagabond 10-03-2014 02:51 PM

Thanks! I found them all but the Quilting Treasures one was not functioning - I sent an email and they said they are working on it. If you got it to work, then they must have fixed it.

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