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Iceblossom 03-30-2020 11:48 AM

TV Suggestions Needed
I admit to watching a lot of "reality based" tv. Amazing Race shut down production due to the virus and a lot of other shows are having issues filming and I may have fewer options in the next couple of months... We are pretty caught up with the series we usually watch like Gold Rush, Wicked Tuna, or Life Below Zero, even Forged in Fire and Dr. Pimple Popper. Deadliest Catch premieres in a couple weeks! I watch a lot of home/garden/cooking shows too.

I'm really hoping that we do get all the way through the Masked Singer show on Fox without a shut down because that has become a great favorite of mine. I'm really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the masked singers, wish the panel had a bit less time on air but they are part of the package. I've figured out a couple each season, but not so good at "you tube personalities" but I'm doing good on the older artists! I believe I know who the White Tiger is this year. If you have fun with popular culture or music, and haven't checked it out -- it might be worth a binge.

We have pretty extensive cable through Comcast but no HBO or Showtime, and what I think of as pretty good On Demand programming, but very little that way for our local Canadian channel which I can only get live (through the tv). Same thing with BBC. Without streaming (which we are working towards but the tv in the bedroom is not currently set up and I/we don't want to watch from our computers), what shows do you recommend and why, especially those on the major networks?

There are a couple of drama series I'm behind, haven't picked up Manifest again since last season. I just started History Channel's Project Blue Book -- hubby says it's ok but I can watch that one without him. I do like quirky X-file stuff, him not so much.

We don't have any comedy shows especially we are currently watching. I'm still missing Big Bang and have left Young Sheldon on his own so far this year... Hubby goes to bed so early with his 4:00 AM start time that tv time usually ends by 9:00, and 8:00 isn't always certain that he will stay awake.

Tartan 03-30-2020 12:27 PM

I watched the first Call The Midwife on PBS last night. The voice is on tonight.

lberna 03-30-2020 12:56 PM

Except for PBS, local and national news, we watch very little cable TV. We stream via Roku. British programs are absolutely the best.

tranum 03-30-2020 04:33 PM

We unhooked cable 3 years ago. DH agreed to it, but he was in a cold sweat with this “drastic” move. I couldn’t understand paying that bill when he slept through every show & I hardly watched anything.
Now we get our news on iPads & watch movies together on Netflix. He’s even awake ! Sometimes we just read a book.

Peckish 03-31-2020 06:32 PM

I just typed out a whole list of all the stuff we watch, then realized that you probably wouldn't be able to watch anything I recommend because we're 95% Netflix and Hulu, no cable or satellite. Sorry. :(

donna13350 03-31-2020 07:22 PM

I've been watching some great shows on PBS, (they are on youtube, too)
The wartime kitchen and garden
The wartime farm
They are a series about WWII victory gardens and there are some recipes and cooking techniques..I really like them. Along that same vein is a series called Landgirls...also about wartime gardens and the women billeted onto estates to grow food, but it's not a documentary, it's got more of a soap opera feel, but still ok.
I never realized how many shows and movies there are on youtube, once you start watching they get addictive. I am a history buff, so I enjoy that genre.

SusieQOH 04-01-2020 04:35 AM

The only reason I have cable is because my husband likes to watch the news. That's it! Expensive huh?
We watch Netflix, Prime, and MLB to see the Yankees but I don't know when that's going to happen. Sigh..........

Blueridgebeverly 04-01-2020 04:43 AM

I record and watch any episode of The Great British Baking Show. I also record and watch Josh Gates Expedition Unknown. I like mysteries and record and watch Father Brown.

Iceblossom 04-01-2020 05:49 AM

I am so far behind on my technology that I have nothing to record tv with! I do have a combo vcr/dvd attached to the small/off cable tv in the sewing room but I don't think it can record even if I had tapes around -- but I love The Great British Baking Show. The Canadian version too. I've noticed that Food Network has noticed and tried to make the contestants "nicer" on like the Spring Baker show, (our "Great" version got quickly and quietly shut down during the #metoo period) but the American ones are just not nice. They are about "cut throat competition" and "building your brand" and not pursuing the art of what you love. Plus you've got to love the pacing of a show designed without commercials for 50+ minutes instead of 40 minutes interrupted by commercials.

I also listen to audio books usually 2-3 a week that I download from the library, that fills most of my drama/action needs. It's amazing how "visual" some authors are, some books are just action sequences connected by small bits of plot.

Hubby and I were discussing this last night, with the shut downs there is already a lot less fresh programming on tv. Pity your sports addicts! There isn't going to be anything new for quite awhile yet.

juliasb 04-01-2020 05:51 AM

I love Survivors! The original Reality show. Since it is filmed earlier there is not likely to be a shutdown this season. We also just picked up Sling, Formed, and Disney+. We don't have cable TV os Roku it is. But this is still more than enough TV. We are doing a whole lot of binge watching right now.

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