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Gail B 04-25-2015 04:01 AM

Weighted blankets
Is it the weighted blankets that are used for children with autism? How does that work for autism?

tessagin 04-25-2015 04:05 AM

Your would be correct. The weight gives the autistic person a sense of security from what I'm told. I am sure someone more acquainted with autism will be able to be more clear. Rob Appell has a video on how to make one. He uses poly beads (I believe). All you need do is Google Autism weighted blankets videos.

quilt1950 04-25-2015 04:24 AM

They can be used for any child or adult with a 'sensory processing disorder'. Some children use a lap sized one to help them sit still in school.

PaperPrincess 04-25-2015 04:31 AM

This has been a topic of discussion before. Here is a link to some instructions:

Gail B 04-25-2015 05:20 AM

Thank you for the info & link to the pattern. I knew my QB friends would have the answer for me. My friend's 5 yr old GS has autism. I am going to make him one.

KrissyD. 04-25-2015 11:52 AM

You could also make him one for his neck that hangs down a bit .Those come in handy for T.V watching . My nephew is Autistic & I have made him both , they really do seem to help. I also made him a vest but instead of plastic pellets I used BB shot for it,The blankets & neck ones are easy . I cut a top & a bottom size I want the blanket or scarf to be.Sew around all 3 sides with right sides facing each other . I turn right side out & sew a seam from top to bottom down the middle .Then I measure fabric & sew seams 4-5" apart all the way across , then I add 2-3 Tablesoons of the pellets in each row Then I take a golf size or a little larger of batting & put 1 in each row on top of the pellets & sew from on side to the other the same distance that I the up down rows.Continue until at the top & sew 4th side together . Make SURE there is NO WAY YOUR PELLETS CAN ESCAPE. These make the kids feel hugged & secure .( Adults too .

lynnie 04-25-2015 12:33 PM

very interesting information. thanks Krissy

solstice3 04-26-2015 06:13 AM

Thanks all for the info

madamekelly 04-26-2015 09:07 AM

Thank you all. I just recently met an autistic little boy (age 5). I am going to ask his mom ( who does not sew) if one would help him.

Marysewfun 04-26-2015 02:15 PM

Thank you for this - I was mentioning it to a friend the other day - - - now I can make one for her!


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