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Default reminiscing

While watching one of the Andy Griffith shows recently, I noticed the dress that Aunt Bea was wearing. That style was quite popular at the time. It was some kind of "Stroller". Was it a Shelton Stroller? The style looked like it had a jacket that matched but I'm thinking all was sewn together maybe. Went along with the era of the clunky Miller shoes and probably a lace-up corset as well. The well-dressed woman!
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Here's another big fan on Andy Griffith... a North Carolina guy! I love the whole gang; Andy, Aunt Bea, Opie, Floyd, and even Barnie!!
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It's fun to watch those vintage shows and see how things have changed, some for the better, (no corsets) and some not (pjs out in public). We went to a museum yesterday that had reproductions of a couple of Scarlett O'Hara's dresses and some of the undergarments for the costumes and one of the hats that was in the movie. Fun. Glad we don't have to dress like that!
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My grandma dressed like that when she dressed up. I love watching old shows and movies and looking at the fashions and home decor.
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Were corsets still used in Mayberry time? i thoguht they wre gone long before it. My GF made and wears one when we do 1860s events.

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Well, girdles were sure in style in the 50s. You had to wear one to prevent any type of jiggle. Those poor ladies are probably rolling over now to see the leggings that fit so tight....
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When in high school, we pinned bra straps to our shirts - Heaven Forbid anyone would see them !
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In those days, old ladies dressed like, well, old ladies. My grandma wore old lady dresses, old lady shoes, and old lady hats. I am 62 now and thank heavens those days are Over!!

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We love the Andy Griffith show and all the regulars. We watch everyday of the week. Love MASH also.
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I love those old shows...i am 77 and although I don't dress like an old lady I do dress my age. I do have problems with my legs so I can't wear very high heels..only 2" heels when I dress up.

I also watch Matlock, Colombo and Perry Mason.
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