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  • Safty in shopping - tips for this holiday seasnon

    Old 11-19-2011, 07:59 AM
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    Default Safty in shopping - tips for this holiday seasnon

    It's that time of year. These things have been on my mind as I work and I just wanted to share.

    Time for shopping, crowds, being busy and not paying attention. We all get distracted.

    I've worked in retail most of my life and notice things. Just thought I'd put these tips out there. Feel free to add your own and hopefully we will all have a safe and carefree holiday season.

    First - pay attention. To everything. Watch your bank statements, your checking balances, your credit card charges, PayPal accounts etc.

    Keep all of your receipts.

    Keep a daily diary of where you go and what you spend where and for what.

    Pay attention to your surroundings.

    Watch your purses! So many of us carry larger purses or tote bags with us. Many have no closure to them as in a zipper or even velcro, or a flap over the opening. Please keep those at home! Carry a small purse and hold it close to you. Have a strap that goes across your body and carry the purse in front of you instead of to your side or swinging it towards your back.

    If you do take a purse with you put your purse in a shopping cart/buggy. Cover it up, strap it in if the cart has the child safety straps, and strap it in under the basket not in the top basket. Having it strapped in helps stop someone from just grabbing it and going, but they could still reach in and take your wallet. As you shop cover it up with the merchandise you are buying.

    When you have stopped to look at something please remember your purse that is sitting in that shopping cart! Don't walk away from it.

    Keep your cell phone and car keys separate from your purse. If your purse is taken you still can make an emergency call and you have your car keys to get home.

    Never carry your social security card with you. Don't keep your driver's license in your car. If someone steals your car ---- they will know where you live.

    TAKE DAILY PHOTOS of your children. IF something should happen to one of your children and they get lost you have a current photo and one that shows what they were wearing.

    When shopping hid your packages in your car trunk. If you have no trunk cover up the packages with an old blanket. OUT OF SITE - OUT OF MIND for thieves.

    IF you feel you are being followed after leaving a store go back inside the store.

    When you can, shop with a friend and look out for each others safety.

    When shopping with children keep them close to you. Inside the shopping cart if young. Holding your hand if nothing else. And if they are in the shopping cart - make sure they stay seated.

    Pay attention when you are walking to your car, don't be distracted. Keep your head up, have your keys ready to get into your car. Look around your car before you get in. This for safety and to make sure no damage was done to your car by a stray cart or a bad driver who hit and ran.

    I know there are more that I am missing, so feel free to add your own.


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    Old 11-19-2011, 08:23 AM
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    My husband is a retired police chief, his tip is to cut out the address line on your car registration and proof of insurance. Just cut out the line with the house number and street. That way if you car is stolen the thief only has your name and city you live in. Most of us leave the garage opener in the glove box with these papers making it easy for the thief to get into your house, so easy since he has your car and knows where you live and knows you are not home. If you should get pulled over by the police there is no problem, it is perfectly legal to cut the line out. The laws only require proof of registration and insurance. The police will run your drivers license and verify with you your home address.
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    Old 11-19-2011, 08:30 AM
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    If you are wearing a coat or jacket, put your handbag on your shoulder first, then put on your coat.
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    Thanks for all the great tips. This time of year all of us need to be extra careful.
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    Old 11-19-2011, 10:28 AM
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    Do not wear gold jewelry on your neck. Thieves are grabbing and running with gold. Turn your diamond wedding ring to the palm of your hand.
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    put your keys in your hand before or on the way to the car. carry your keys with the pointy part sticking out between your fingers. makes a weapon if necessary. consider having the car key on a separate ring and the other keys in the bottom of your purse or in your pocket. i have one of those separating key rings. i leave ONLY the car key with the repair shop, not the whole ring.
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    Great additional tips! Keep them coming and we will all have a safe shopping season.
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    Those are excellent reminders. The one that is new to me is keeping a daily diary of where I have been and what I have spent.
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