This article appeared in today's Newsday (local newspaper). I will copy as best I can, not word for word.
Hundreds of residents of the Lindenhurst area have been relying daily on the hot meals and emergency supplies handed out at Camp Bulldog, a grassroots effort in Lindenhurst to help those affected. Monday Camp Bulldog rec'd a $10,000 donation from Theresa Caputo "L.I.Medium" star. It was the largest single donation received by the group. Camp Bulldog began w/two folding tables serving hot food in a parking lot and now serves hundreds of people per day, offers hands on assistancs and other emergency supplies. The situation is always changing. Even as some lives return to normalcy, people continue to wait for insurance checks to rebuild their homes. Others are making mtg. payments on unlivable homes, still other paying for temporary shelter. They will continue its operation and hold on to the donation until founders decide on the most pressing need of the people they're serving.

So as you can see, there are still many, many people in need. Everyone who posted that they had a "request for sandy help" certainly appreciates everything the people of the Quilting Board Community have done. Thank you all!