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Default Saran wrap

After years of fighting with this stuff to unwrap it once I've got it around something, came up with this idea.
Just before you stick the last corner down, fold it under and place a small sticky note there. At least it gives you a fighting chance to find where to start unwrapping
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I'll have to try that.
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I only recently realized that the outside of my cling wrap box has a white area that is tacky; the wrap is pressed against it as you cut/tear it off the roll with the serrated cutting "knife" thingy. Then that white tacky area holds the wrap in place for next time. I also only recently noticed (at the same time) that there are pre-cut tabs on the sides of the box that can be poked in to hold the roll in place inside the box. Silly that I never paid attention to those things before, both make dealing with cling wrap so much easier!

I use Glad "Cling Wrap" brand (in the yellow box) but Saran Wrap brand might have the same or similar on theirs - maybe check your box and see if it has a tacky area built in?

(And now I've posted/read/thought the word "wrap" too many times and it looks/sounds totally wrong...)
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Oh... I just re-read your post and figured out that you're talking about AFTER getting it out of the box and wrapping something up. I'm not really awake yet, LOL.
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Guess I'm lucky! I have never had a problem with any of it. DH now that's another thing. Directions have been on the sides of the boxes for decades along with the notches on the ends to keep the roll from flying out. When I get ready to wrap I lay the box across the item and that is how I measure which way I'm going to lay the paper. I am amazed at how people lose control of the toilet paper on the roll. Oh well. Worse things to get upset about. If all else fails use scissors.
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Ha, ha. thanks. I took someone's advice about the foil container box having the tabs on the end one is supposed to push in to hold the roll. Well I murdered the ends of my box and now have a dickens of a time getting the foil to roll out. grrrrr.
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I keep my wrap in the refrigerator. It works. I don't really know why, probably some hi-falutin' scientific problem that took 30 years to figure out and when all fails, put it in the fridge. Edie
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I was given a box of the Press 'n' seal wrap and I have more trouble getting it out of the box. I wonder if they ever get 10 ordinary people in a room, give them the product, and watch what kind of problems they have with it. Before they put it on the market.
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I buy the Chic Wrap that has the slide cutter attached. It is a plastic box. It keeps my frustration level low. One refill will last me over a year.
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Good idea.. I still put mine in the freezer and it clings every time after I cut it to put it on something
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