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Default Sewing Room Chair

I have a very nice chair that I'm happy with except for one thing, my castors are so full of thread that I need to either replace them or spend 3 days picking out the threads. Anyone out there have a recommendation of what to do about castors that get full of thread? Do they make castors that don't get thread so easily caught in them? I try really hard to place my thread snips in the garbage, but we all know how that goes...
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hope someone tells you of a thread proof caster--I usually just spend some time with my seam ripper digging out threads.
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Flip your chair up on a table and get your hemostats to grab the thread and get snipping. I don’t know anyway to prevent castors from stop picking up threads.
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It's amazing how much stuff gets in there, I started a thread here once myself on the subject! Some casters do seem better/worse about collecting but the amount of thread I have, they all get it.

I've started chair cleaning along with battery changing along with Daylight Savings Time. I put it with it's wheels up in the air and using my craft scissors and seam rippers and all sorts of things, mostly just cut my way through and pull out smaller parts.

It seems pretty silly, but since my friend gifted me with a modern Bernina with a thread cutter, that has made a tremendous difference in how thread covered both my house and my self are nowadays! So many things have changed, it turned out what I didn't like about partial seam construction wasn't the stopping and starting, but those darn 6-8" tails of thread from my vintage machine.
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I had to purchase new chairs recently and ordered “rollerblade wheels” to put on the chair instead of the ones that come with them. What a huge improvement! No more threads and other yucks stuck in your wheels. Just google roller blade wheels for chairs......
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I bought a used sewing room chair and it had a lot of threads around the castors. I just got out my seam ripper and cleaned the castors out and it didn't really take too long. I don't know if castors can be bought for this type of chair.
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I use a small craft knife and it doesn't take me but a few minutes to cut through a fairly large bundle of threads. I don't believe anything will ever get rid of all the threads.
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I clean my wheels out monthly, it only takes a few seconds, I do the same with the beater bar on the vacuum, it collects hair and thread.
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My sis once got her hair caught in the creeper wheels when she was under a car. That was a serious challenge.
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Somehow I always manage to get thread clippings in the waste basket next to my right foot.
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