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What do you do when you ship a parcel?

As for me, I am a SAVER. For containers I use boxes that have sealed meals.. They are clean, easy to fill with scraps or a couple yards of fabric. For wrapping on the inside, again my grocery comes in handy. I cut up plastic grocery bags into squares, rectangle to fit the product, and use the cut plastic for wrapping. If they are scraps, I just cut off the handles or if the box is big enough, cut down to size and tie handles or secure with a rubber band.

You are asking: "What do you do when the boxes are full. they can't be shipped naked." Again, my grocer saves my life. I ask for a paper bag, rather than plastic when I need wrapping paper. I also ask the cashier is there are any damaged paper bags that I can have. Just the other day, I got one good paper bag for my groceries and 6 split paper bags that I will use for wrapping the Free shipping Boxes.

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You say "mizer" like it is a bad thing. Being a mizer myself gives me the chance to get more and better things for my family and I am always elected the "shopper" for my Adopt*A*Sox group (who send packages to our service people from Montana that are on foreign soil each Xmas season)
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actually..... USPS & UPS will take naked boxes for shipping... just needs a clear label....) I use the backs og junk mail or old paper grocery sacks..... cut to sz I want/ glue stick it on box.... and off it goes!!!

I reuse ever box for xmas gifts too..... It;s a running joke at gift time around my family... " oh look, mom got me a box of crackers!!!" LOL
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Thank you! I didn't know that. Will have to try it. Save the grocery store some money? Prices keep going up-Is it because of the damaged paper bags? I doubt it, but sometimes, I wish I was back on the farm to raise my own.
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We are not mixer! I am thrifty!!! My husband says I can squeeze a dime out of a nickel ! Thanks for the ideas. Do u wash the bags inside cereal boxes?
Do u reuse ziplock and sandbags? I do. I water down shampoo and conditioner to make it last? Works fine and I have real long hair.
Ladies share ur thrifty tips! We can all us them in this economy!!
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I order special wash & wipes from a company in Missouri. After I use them for face washing (not other uses) I rinse them out real good and use for dust clothes. Some of the aloe in the wipes stays in. Makes my furniture sparkle. Never, never buy furniture spray in a spray can.

I also use plastic bags for stuffing (not toys, incase the toys gets a hole and stuffing seeps out) but they are great for sofa pillow and even a bed pillow if you have enough to make one.

Does anyone else have a plastic bag use? Would love to know them.

I usually get such a stach I give them away, as we in our Senior Apartment complex use them for garbage which goes into the raw garbage container on the lower level.

Love this Chit Chat category.
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