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Default Smart Phone Help

I just stepped into the 21st Century and got a smart phone. My last phone was about 20 years old and it didn't even have a SIM card.

I was wondering what type of App's you all find useful on your cell phones. I have an Android type phone, and nothing fancy-smancy. But I figured that some of you more experienced smart phone users could give me some ideas. Thanks in advance.
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Do you have a data plan on your phone or will you be using wifi? I have a data plan and find it useful with the map apps to use it as a GPS when traveling in new areas.

If you use Instagram, Facebook etc, then those apps are fun and you can easily upload photos to the different platforms. I have Microsoft Office on my phone and access to my OneDrive. My local bank app, lets me pay for beef from a local farmer, while standing in the barnyard.

A white noise app, helps me to sleep, especially when traveling and there are strange noises outside.

I use the calendar app extensively. I can access my calendar on my phone, computers, Ipad etc. I enter doctor's appointments when I book them. I can set it to give me reminders.

There are many quilting apps that may or may not be useful to you.

I have a soduko app to keep me busy if I do not have a book with me when traveling.

It really depends on what you are interested in and how you plan to use your phone.
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I use the Robert Kaufman quilters app all the time.
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You are living my life! Just giving up a very old Nokia phone that only made and received calls (gasp)! I also got an android based phone a couple of days ago (basic) and am very much starting from square one in learning how to use it. No more good user's manuals furnished with anything. Sometimes I really miss the good old days!
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Go to your phone web-site and check for tutorials. Be sure to learn how to properly close apps after use. They will keep running and use data if not closed. The same with using internet on the phone.

I run the local news channels, newspaper, weather alerts, and banking apps. I don't play games or watch videos.

Check the text message program and see if you can do voice recognition. Easy to text with it.
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I very willingly admit to my difficulties with technology. I do have a Motorola smart phone and my two favorite apps are Google maps and my notes app. I use my notes app to keep all my passwords in one spot, and I never dreamed I would like GPS as much as I do. My GPS has lead me to many new quilt shops I never would have visited without it.
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When I got my iPhone, the first app I downloaded was a flashlight, at my son's insistence. It really comes in handy in restaurants when I want to read the menu! MapQuest, Sudoku, and a quilt block app of some kind also seem essential to me. Enjoy!
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I am still on the flip-phone as I am not a phone user. My flip is always off and in my purse to use for long distance calls and as needed when on the road.
The big thing for me is I live in a dead zone and smart phones cost way too much for the amount of available signal IN my house. Maybe one day a tower will be able to sink down in our low spot to have some kind of signal. I drop too many calls from within my house.

I have saved this thread for future use, if and when my signal improves.
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I use my cell phone just for calling, texting, checking the weather, calendar for appts and occasionally my emails. I also have the Viking app on it which I didn't realize too. I have a TracFone (Samsung) and buy the yearly contract as I don't use the calling option much. It gives me the wifi so rarely use much of that unless I'm away from the house. It has everything I need plus more if I want it. Again, I don't use much of the apps but I know I can if I so choose.
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I am still learning about my smart phone and I've had it for 2 years!

I like to have my "local" chain grocery store app. It's a 70 mile trip to buy groceries for me and since we no longer get a newspaper with flyers, that too is done online, I can check the sale items in advance. It's the same with JoAnn's.

I also like WhatsApp. It's free messaging, photo sharing etc. As long as I have a WiFi signal, it's good. I have some international friends and phone calls don't always work too well, but with WhatsApp we can have a real time chat if the time zone difference isn't an issue or read the message at our convienece.

For those who have trouble getting a signal in the house, in our case it was because we have a metal roof. Use to have to walk half way out the driveway to get a signal. But they recently put a new tower up closer to us and now I can get calls inside.
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