Tankless Water Heater

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Default Tankless Water Heater

The dishwasher thread led my thoughts to the tankless water heater system we installed when we built 2 years ago. I didn't even know what it was! Love, love, love it. We never run out of hot water, and we can shower, wash clothes, and run dishwasher at same time, no problem! Even ran hot water line to outside shower!
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We installed one a couple of years ago when we had to replace the heating system for the house. Gas bill dropped dramatically and instantly! Love it!
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Yes we got one too a few months ago. Love it!
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I do not love mine. It takes nearly 3 minutes of running and wasting water for hot water to become hot. Also, it should be serviced annually to clean it.
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At first I had the same complaint about it taking so long to get hot water but once I get it it never runs out. Hubby loves the gas bill.
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I don't have one and not interested in it.
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When our big tank dies, I think we're going to go tankless, too - they have some kind of constantly recirculating thingie now that keeps the water from being wasted down the drain and keeps the pipes warmed up so that hot water is almost instant.

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It depends on how far the unit is from the faucet being used. When we lived in Hong Kong, we had 3 small units-one under the kitchen sink and the other two in the two bathrooms. It took about 7 seconds for hot water. But if you turned off the tap and then turned it on again, it would take another 7 seconds for the hot water to resume.

It also depends on whether you are on well water (not recommended due to silt and sand) or city water.
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When we replaced our last hot water heater they offered a tankless one. We still had our oldest son at home all the time and our younger son home on breaks. Dh and I looked at each other and never missed a beat to say NO. Our older son took a 30 minute showered it was we couldn't imagine how long he would stay in with the tankless one. We hear he takes a lot shorter showers once he moved out and was paying his own water and gas bill.
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DH and I, DFIL, and my parents all have tankless HWH and we all love them, my parents just had to replace theirs, after 20+ years and never once thought of putting in a regular HWH. I grew up with a wood burning hot water heater, it was a small stove that was hooked up to a holding tank, we started the stove every afternoon, summers included, and we would burn it a few hours and we would have hot water for a overnight.
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