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Default Tinsel on Tree

Hi Everyone! Getting ready to put up my Christmas tree. Years ago, when I was growing up, Mom would hang the tinsel, one by one on the tree. I got to help her when I got older and under her supervision. She could really decorate a tree! Since probably 1970's when I was married (yes, I am in my early 60's), we would put string tinsel on the tree. I haven't put up the tree for a few years, just haven't felt like it since parents have passed away.
I change decorations year to year, all round ornaments, no round ornaments (son's ornaments made in school, wood, etc) or a mix of both. But always with tinsel garland. It makes the lights brighter, I think.
Does anyone use garland tinsel anymore? I see a lot of trees with ribbon or no garland of any kind.
How do you decorate your tree-garland, ribbon or none at all?
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No tinsel, once I was "educated" as to the harm that animals could come to with the metal impact. I loved the look of the tinsel and garlands.... but now I have grand doggies.... so.... no I don't use it anymore. There is probably a modern version that is user friendly but I haven't looked.
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We always used tinsel when I was growing up. Mom carefully removed it after Christmas and we reused it year after year. The new tinsel is plastic and not as nice so I don't put tinsel on any more. As for garland, I made ropes of tiny paper wrapped packages strung with pearls in between. Those garlands go on the tree each year.
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thumblebug6000: I have no fur babies. When we did, no garland was on tree.
Tartan: I bought this tinsel a couple of years before the plastic came out and sure glad I did. Don't even know the silver tinsel garland is in stores any more-haven't looked. Your garland sounds adorable, do you have a picture you can post of it?
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I remember the old, real tinsel that was carefully saved each year. But the new stuff is plastic and so static-y that it stick to everything--the dogs walk by and it just clings to them, too! And because of toddler g-boys, we use icsicle "ropes" instead now.
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As I remember going to our local hardware store in the 1950's, tinsel was the only thing besides lights and ornaments. Today we have a zillion choices at ginormous big box stores.
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I use Tinsel once in a while and sure wish I had more of the old lead tinsel. I have only on package, the new stuff is staticy and clings to everything. I opt now for more ice cycle type ornaments or just plain sparkly ornaments on my tree now with new grandbabies tinsel is out again for this year. I could never get the garland to look right so sometimes use beads
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We still use tinsel - the new plasticy; sticky kind as that is all that is available. And yes, I dress the tree with it still one strand at a time. Don't use garland. As to ornaments - hubs and I have exchanged ornaments for the 25+ years we have been together plus those that have been given to us by others. It's a bit eclective but it works for us. We're actually running out of room for ornaments! And we don't do a small tree! It's a chore, to be sure, but one I'm not ready to give up. A friend recently asked if we were getting an artificial tree this year as I've developed allergies, but no, we're still doing real! I'm allergic to my dogs also and I'm not getting rid of them either!
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I love tinsel, but with small grandchildren I opted not to use it again this year. I love it and I miss my tinsel.
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I have the old metal tinsel that I have been reusing for years. I use my grandmothers ornaments that are vintage mercury glass with the cuts outs so the tinsel makes my tree look old fashioned. DH and I were talking today about trying to find new tinsel so I was disappointed to hear I won't find any.
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