Tips for New fair vendor?

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First thing that came to my mind was small bean bags for kids. They could play those bean bag toss games with them. Maybe they would make good stocking stuffers for Christmas. Don't know why I thought of this...I haven't seen bean bags in AGES!
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I still like those tissue holders - great for in a purse or backpack. Also, key fobs and lanyards are fun.
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I second hair scrunchies, very quick and easy to make, I made 15 at the weekend using scraps took about 5minutes for each one. According to my granddaughters they are expensive to buy in the shops.
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Many good ideas here. Thank you all. I have already cut out the outer fabric for 17 rice therapy bags. Got a few muslin liners cut (ran out of muslin, ordered more, meanwhile using plain white cotton sheet).

Keep in mind I won't have a booth, just a table. So I have to maximize a very small space.

Any tips for that?

Also, what would you pay for rice therapy bag? Not how much you'd sell for, but how much you'd pay. Finished size about 19x11.
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Couple suggestions - #1 if making bags to heat in microwave use the rice! #2 it is a christmas bazaar, so make small stocking stuffer items. #3 - your display is so important - if you can't draw them over, you can't sell. For a newbie, I suggest you set up a practice table in your house. Put a couple empty containers under your tablecloth to create an elevated platform for some things. Gather small items in a basket or bowl. Things laid out flat on a table will not excite folks. #4 have a decorative container (a bowl with a festive piece of cloth in it) filled with peppermint candies - people will always stop by for candy and they feel 'guilty' if they don't look around! #5 Have of change - much more $1's and $5's than you think. It always amazes me how many folks come to those types of events only with $20 bills! Have a note pad handy in case someone wants to connect with you later about buying more of something. For pricing - obviously you want to make money, but it would be worth your time to visit a couple craft shows in november to see what prices folks are selling things for in your area. And, while you can have some bigger items, typically at these types of bazaars, the smaller less expensive things sell out faster. But, have fun, bring a helper, use a handcart or rolling cart (or several of your son's friends) and again, have fun! Even though I sell online and I am in a couple brick and mortar shops, I like to do a couple holiday craft shows and at least one spring show just to be able to talk to a variety of people and find out what they want, like and what pricing they think is good.

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I would put risers on the table to add display space. Something similar to a cake plate on a stand, etc. You could also use small shelf units that the legs fold down. Hope this helps and gives you some ideas.
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Anything with cat or dog print--my customer love those prints. I sell a lot of potholders and towel sets. I make a few Christmas items, not much though. Like the corn hole game bags idea ! Can always mark items down so set your prices and go from there. I have been known to make a 'bundle' sale--lol ! I don't do credit cards and that is ok with most of my customers. Just have plenty of bills to make change. Have fun and enjoy the people.
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If you are going to have a table - do you have a wall behind you? Maybe you could take a ladder to set up behind you and hang things from it. I have seen people use drying racks too.
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I don't know where I got the free pattern, but crayon (or marker) holders that roll up were a great hit for me.
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Sew a piece of decorative fabric on hand towels, applique simple items on kitchen towels. You can get cute bowls at dollar store for display. Have fun!!!!
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