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Does anyone here have these? I am looking into getting a pair for me (I am originally from FL and this NY weather is super cold for my toes :( ) and was wondering where the best priced place to order would be.
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I understand they are great. but no help as to where to get them.
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Ugg boots are an Australian brand-and a bit expensive here-but there are lots of really good copies for about 1/2 the price-see if you have a Famous Footwear chain where you are-or check on e-bay or Craig's List-also, many sporting goods stores have them-but they might be a bit more expensive than the discount stores-by the way, Famous Footwear usually have discount coupons available. I saw some at CostCo last week and they were really nice-and not expensive!
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I got mine last year from I love the boots. They are so warm and comfy. Don't wear socks with them - your feet will get much too hot. Zappos doesn't discount, so you may be able to find them elsewhere for less, but their customer service is the BEST, bar none. FYI - they carry all brands of shoes, men, women and children alike and all sizes. I
have a wide foot and they have a great selection of wide and extra wide widths if anyone is interested. But, I got off the subject - sorry. The Uggs wear well and I think you would be very happy with them. Of course, as someone else said, you can find similar boots elsewhere and I'm sure they are just as good. Oh - just be aware - they are not waterproof - so can't wear in rain or snow.
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where in NY are you, I'm on the island, and Roosevelt field has them. try some local malls
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Also, if you aren't too picky on color - try Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross's. My neice found a purly lavender pair two years ago at a discount store for $25. An yes they were really UGGs just apparently a color that didnt sell all that well. Good luck with the boot hunt!
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I have a pair of black ones and tan ones.. LOVE THEM...sorry I cant help on where to find them at a bargain.. I just got mine at the mall when they had a sale going..
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Are they water proof?
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They are wonderful. I just got them from my local shoe store, Tradehome. Both by husband and I like them. Very comfortable.
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Originally Posted by lovequilts
Are they water proof?
I had them spray waterproofing on mine... but then again I don't use them to romp in the snow just to keep my toesies warm and boy do they stay nice and toasty!!
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