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Thread: Vantel Pearls Jewelry

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    Have any of you been to a Vantel Pearls party? I am hosting one in a few weeks and am seriously thinking about becoming a demonstrator. I would love to hear any impressions you have and about your experience if you have been to one.

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    Never heard of this name brand of jewelry. I no longer wear much, most of mine I gave to my kids and grand daughters.
    I think the last home "party" I went to was a Tupperware one about 20 or so years ago. I always tried to get there late, those "warm-up games" drive me frantic and it takes an hour or so to get my frazzled nerves relaxed enough to want to buy anything.
    That said, I still have, use and love a lot of the Tupperware I bought many years ago. Still have and wear two Tshirts I bought about 20 or more years ago in another home party, and have used them as patterns, they cover my Byrd winged arm backs!!!

    Pearls are classic, I'm sure they should sell well to older ladies, but how many of them does one person need?

    I think that I'd do a lot of checking on how much you are going to have to shell out in getting all the contents of a display case of jewelry. I remember when a family member started selling Mary Kay cosmetics, good stuff but the price to start with was stiff!!!

    Try to find ex-dealers for this product, you could ask around and even put a plea in the classifieds of your newspaper. They should be able to give some straight answers, especially if they are angry at this company!!!

    The area you live in should make a BIG difference in what and how much you are going to sell, and to whom. The types of stores around you should give you a hint of how much the surrounding area spends on "off necessities" each year.

    You must remember, first and foremost, we are deep in a depression, plus, YOU are going to have to put up a large amount of money to get started in such a job. And you can NOT be a shy person, "stuff" does not sell very much on its own, you have to be forward in selling, be up on types of people and how to read their body language, etc.

    I can very much remember an Avon dealer, daughter of a casual friend, who came to my house to show some Avon stuff, wearing shorts over her dirty legs, hair that needed some care, with a snotty nosed 3 year old with her!!!! And then the mother had the nerve to complain that no one liked Avon stuff and never bought from DD again.

    That said, please let us know how you are doing with your life. This site is a family group and I'm talking to you like I would my kids or grandkids. We do care.

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    I did Tupperware and Mary Kay back in the day. Any home party stuff doesn't sell itself and you can only go to friends and family so many times before they stop returning your phone calls.

    I'd run screaming from the room. Go to the party and buy some stuff, but don't let the demonstrator get her hooks in you. She gets something to sign you up and she won't care that it might not be a good fit for you.

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    West Virginia
    You've gotten some sound advice. I did home parties for PartyLite Candles. I had to buy the catalogs, the sales tickets, the samples, the door prizes, do the deliveries. You'll be expected to have a certain number of parties within a set time limit to qualify. Almost all of these home party business deals generate little profit at the end of the year. Its the people in the 2 levels above you that make the profit and they didn't have to do anything. If you get a business license you can write off expenses and deduct mileage on a car that you use all the time for deliveries and going to parties. You'll need to keep very good records. You'll have to show you intended to make a profit. These expenses are usually deducted from state income taxes. There's a lot to think about. I would never do it again.

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