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Waiting at the doctor's office...what do you do?

Waiting at the doctor's office...what do you do?

Old 10-12-2014, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Dyan View Post
For example, one patient is scheduled, and they bring along the brother because he has a fever too, they did not schedule this patient, so we work them in.

The parent who shows with her son's physical form that needs signed now because he cannot try out for football unless signed now.
Both of these instances are perfect examples of how to run an overscheduled, chaotic office. These patients should be told to schedule an appointment, just like everyone else does. It is rude and inconsiderate to both the doctor and his other patients. If they're decent people, they would realize what they've asked, apologize, and make their future appointment. If they're not decent, then who needs them as patients? They're just going to keep making unreasonable, selfish demands.

I've had two health scares with my husband, the first was I thought he was having a stroke. He had all the symptoms and had gotten off a plane earlier that day. I took him straight to the ER where we waited while others with earaches and knee scrapes went before him - NON-emergencies. As to calling an ambulance - we live down the street from the hospital, it's actually faster to drive him there than to wait for the ambulance to come from the opposite direction, not to mention the $700 ambulance co-pay.

For DH's second emergency, I thought I'd avoid the whole nightmare ER scenario, so I took him to the Urgent Care Clinic, which, in the past when I've had to take my boys, has been quicker and more efficient. Unfortunately, they determined he was diabetic and they could not treat him at Urgent Care, so they referred him to the ER. I hoped that since they had referred him and his blood sugar was dangerously high, we would get quicker service, but no, we ended up waiting yet again. One of the patients we waited for was a young woman who was worried she had been exposed to pinkeye. Ugh.

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I have fantastic doctors in the surgery. They listen intently and take time to listen so no wonder they run late. I try to get an early time but really don't mind waiting as sometimes I've been in well over my allocated time. They also did a home visit in their free time once. We are very lucky they care so much so complaints on waiting disappear.
I do complain about the difficulty in getting an appointment.
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Old 10-13-2014, 07:39 AM
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I recently went to the doctor and actually had two appointments in the same office. They told me to wait in a different waiting room. after more than 30 min. the person I was to see second came and asked why I waiting there. I explained and she went to check with the nurse. They seem to forget I was there. She came and got me and had the nurse wait till she was done. I did get three magazines read while waiting.
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Old 10-15-2014, 06:20 AM
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Wishing you a speedy recovery Jan.
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I have had to wait once for 3 1/2hrs for the OBGYN. They had all of us waiting instead of rescheduling when he got called into a c-section. Now he reschedules appointments and i'm ok with it because i would want him to be the Dr I got when I go into labour. (I'm curently 29wks pregnant with baby #2)

I have also had to wait 6hrs before for a different dr. this time it was at the cancer clinic. He is only there 1 day a month so you can't exactly reschedule with him. They found an abnormality on my toe so I was referred to the cancer clinic as a precaution. I was warned when they called with the appt time though. Apparently they are always behind at the cancer clinic. I brought a BOM that was all appique with me and cut it all out while waiting. it was great, I got lots done.
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My husband once saw a surgeon who scheduled an hour's worth of patients to all come in at the same time, and then he saw them in the order they arrived. Since he was running late, DH had a long wait. Never went back to him.

I had an initial appointment with a cardiologist and it snowed that day. The cardiologist went home due to the snow, but didn't let me know. I complained and did not reschedule with that office!
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Old 10-15-2014, 11:43 AM
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I had one Dr. that would call me back to the exam room and keep me waiting up to two hours. He was a great Dr. or I would have left. After he retired My waiting time is very short at all my Dr.'s I see. I have five that I see for different problems so I spend a lot of time in going to Dr.'s. My DH has several also so we wait a lot.
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so after posting on this yesterday I had to go to my OB appt and had to wait 3 hours to see the Dr. and that was after being rescheduled from the day before.... craziness!
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I did have one doctor who would have his office staff call you if he was running really late. You had a choice of coming in later, or rescheduling. This was way before cell phones, and if you were running errands before your appointment, and had already left home, it didn't do much good. But, I was given the opportunity to leave the office and come back later without loosing my place in line.

When I was a kid the doctor didn't make appointments. He had office hours, and you showed up. You were expected to remember your place in line, no lists were made. He would stick his head out of his exam room door, and the next person in line would get up and go in. It was just him and his nurse (who was also his wife). I remember long waits, but since I was a kid, they might not have been that bad.
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My regular doctor usually isn't too bad. I've only had to wait more than 1/2 hour a couple times over the years. My nutritionist, on the other hand, seems to have no concept of time. My husband walked out of his last appt. and has no plan to go back because of it. The last time I was there, the nutritionist asked and I told him that my husband didn't feel that he should have to wait for 2 hours while he talks to someone on the phone. I doubt it will make any difference though.

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