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Yesterday upon walking into the drug store with my boyfriend, the first thing we see is a girl stooped by a table filling out a contest form. Her butt crack was showing like there was no tomorrow. What do you do in this case? Say something, or just keep on walking and snikering. We just kept on walking in disbelief. Wouldn't you feel the fact that your butt is hanging out in the breeze?
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They know it and they like it that way.
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this scene is repeated all too often. i don't say anything because i don't like the confrontation and am afraid of retaliation. 'tis a pity
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She was probably well aware of the effect she created, or was raised not to care. I think you did the only thing you could, ignore it and move on.

It used to be a glimpse of ankle that was seductive and sexy and now it is this. Sometimes I wonder if humankind is regressing.
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She got the reaction she wanted even though you didn't say anything. I wouldn't have spoken to her either. There are too many violent people on the loose today. Better safe than sorry.
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I would have said something, when I was with my BFF in a grocery store there was a man with his butt hanging out and I told him we could see down the crack.
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That's why I hate buying jeans now, they are so low cut, I feel like I am constantly pulling them up, what happened to making clothes that cover the body, especially when you have extra curves and these clothes are not designed with girls like me in mind, that have a heavier bottom half
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Sad, but that's the way some people like to wear their clothes. No, I would never say anything. Just call the jeans police! :D
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Between butt cracks, cleavage down to the navel, there is nothing left to the imagination! Pity
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At least they make long shirts.
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