I have attended so many fun graduation parties and really enjoy the different themes. When I finished high school and college no parties were given in my town. You were expected to find a job and that was that. Now we celebrate more.

One girl was very musical and her sandwiches were cut long and narrow out of dark and white bread and displayed like a piano keyboard. Another girl liked the song "Singing in the Rain" and had umbrellas all over the yard with the sprinklers going. A boy off to study in Russia had Russian foods and costumes. Our daughter attended college in Scotland so her theme celebrated their customs and our son studied aerospace engineering so we had rockets and planets around. Some going to the military have camo tablecloths, those farming have cakes like fields with tractors pulling plows. I like the breakfast parties, nacho bar foods, groups of graduates at church, photos of the teens when they were babies, highlights of their achievements and proud parents.

What are the parties like where you are?