what is your AC set at?

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ours is at 71.
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I like 74-75 while my hubby likes 77-78. Most days we take turns adjusting the stat up and down while hoping the other doesn't notice. Hubby's way does lower the bill, but my way makes the family easier to live with or should I say my way makes it easier for the family to live with me?
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In our home it's very important to keep the temperature and humidity as stable as possible. Variations cause our much loved and much played piano to shift in and out of tune. I like it 73 and that's where it stays.
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Originally Posted by Pat G
Originally Posted by SharBear
oh you won't like this answer .... 68 to 70.
I would love your summer. I have the heat on here in Western Wash. Not much summer at all this yr. Then we get 2 days at a time then the heat's back on.
Yeah--what's UP with the summer weather in WA ? This has been an odd year . Even central WA isn't getting the sun it usually does.
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well we keep it around 70 here cant sleep when it`s to hot
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When I got old, I got cold. I keep mine at 80 degrees. When my daughter comes, I turn it down so she doesn't smother.

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I keep the AC on 77.
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Originally Posted by wickn34
When I got old, I got cold.
Me too, what's up with that?

If it's not the ac in the summer, it's the furnace running in the winter
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78 all the time. We do have ceiling fans in every room and could not do without the fan at night.
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Mine is set at 77 all the time. We have ceiling fans in dining room and in the bedroom that we run to keep the air moving. We are usually downstairs so it is alot cooler in the basement, right now it is 72.
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