Winter is here

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Default Winter is here

Beware, we went grocery shopping today. Parked the truck and as I got out, I slipped. Luckily nothing is broken, husband worries about my hips since there still is a bit of osteoporosis there. I did wretched my shoulder, it just happen to be the one with the bone spur on the shoulder blade so now that is inflamed. The joint is extremely sore so I will be taking it easy for a few days. On top of the new injury, I am dealing with a too.

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Be very careful this winter. An UTI is NO fun especially with trying to deal with other aches and pains.
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I have found that if there is one little patch of ice in the entire parking lot, I will be the one to slip on it! A good caution for all to heed!
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Oh my! Winter is sure coming in with a vengeance. Hope you feel better soon.
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Sorry you slipped and hurt yourself! I have gotten out all my woollies and will be extra careful both driving and walking.
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Oh My! You were lucky to not break a bone. I have my winter shoes that I wear when going out in ice forming weather, even walking to mailbox or in our driveway. Very good traction soles. They may not stop all slips but I won't be without them during the winter.
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Oh Yikes!! Glad you didn't break any bones. Hope you can get some rest this weekend!
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Yep. Winter sure is here. Just be thankful that you don't live in/near Buffalo! Hope you're feeling better soon.
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oh Ouch! Hope you're feeling better soon!

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Sorry for your fall, CH, as well as the UTI. The UTI will make everything feel worse, since you can't get comfortable. I hope you have a good RX for that!

Falling is the worst, as we get older. Thank you for the reminder to be careful.
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